What is Modular Digital Banking?

Creating a digital step change in banking service delivery

Modular Digital Banking (MDB) from Sopra Steria is an end-to-end fully functional modular digital banking solution aimed at new entrant and challenger banks as well as established players. Our solutions transform the customer experience and differentiate service offerings, delivering a digital ‘step change’ in banking service delivery. 

Cost effective, secure and scalable banking solutions from a single source

Digital self service is a game changer for both new entrant and existing banks. New FinTech offerings are making it harder than ever for banks to keep up with changing technologies and insatiable customer demands. 

  • For established banks, the challenge is to migrate to new technologies using scalable and flexible solutions that adapt to changing needs
  • For new entrants, the challenge is to quickly, cost effectively and securely set up and operate key banking functions at the ‘right scale’. A small start up does not necessarily need to track millions of transactions each day but does require the technology platform to flex as its operation grows  

What makes MDB from Sopra Steria unique is that we are a banking centralised hub. All aspects of service delivery are streamlined so there is only ever a single point of contact and accountability meaning that all issues are dealt with promptly.

Designing ‘eye catching’ customer experiences with pioneering technologies

We are experienced at incorporating the right blend of innovation components including biometric technology, robotics, AR, VR and advanced customer analytics. We understand the best ways to deploy these and deliver confidence and assurance around their usage.

‘Right Scale’ development from the ‘boutique’ to the ‘industrial’

We deliver solutions that are right for our clients, whatever their stage of development/evolution. Our technology platforms flex as your operations grow, ensuring we deliver banking at the right scale for your current needs. So no matter how complex or simple your operation, we have the right solution for you.

A total end-to-end solution

We supply all banking elements from core services through to optimising the customer experience. So whether you need a complete banking solution or just a specific component to complement your existing operation, we can help.