Gender diversity

Working to advance gender equality in business and technology

Sopra Steria believes that our diversity is a strength

The different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives within our workforce are rich sources of new ideas and potential innovation. We offer a workplace where employees are valued as individuals, and where people have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We are committed to gender parity in our own business, as well as in our industry and business in general. According to Deloitte, only 25% jobs in IT in the developed world will be held by women at the end of 2016. Sopra Steria is beating the trend: 34% of our UK workforce, and 36% of our UK board, are women.

Perhaps this is not surprising given our company’s history. In 1962 Dame Stephanie “Steve” Shirley founded Freelance Programmers, later known as FI Group, which was focused on creating job opportunities for women. The company was acquired by Xansa, which was acquired by Steria Group.  One of FI’s employees, Ann Budge, left to start her own business, along with Allison Newell in 1985.  Newell & Budge was acquired by Sopra Group in 2005. Now those two parts of our history have come together once again in Sopra Steria.

At Sopra Steria, we are working to advance gender equality in business and tech by:

  • Promoting careers in IT and business to girls and young women
  • Growing our apprenticeship and graduate programmes to offer more opportunities and alternative career pathways for young people, including young women
  • Offering flexible working options to support work-life balance and diverse work and family arrangements
  • Providing leadership for our industry by participating on techUK’s Women in Tech Council and the board of Scotland Women in Tech
  • Raising the profiles of the women in technical and leadership roles in our company in order to inspire others to “lean in”