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When designing the digitalisation of public services, Sopra Steria is daring to be different in its approach to helping organisations solve today’s big challenges.

The world has changed, and these changes are impacting council services. Whether it’s reporting a missing waste bin or providing homelessness services, easy to use, end-to-end online digital services are now the ‘new normal’.

Now more than ever there is an opportunity to harness this innovation, appetite and pace for change, to reimagine the way you deliver your customer-facing services.

We help realise the tangible benefits of digital transformation from taking a pragmatic digital-first approach to citizen services. At Sopra Steria we help redesign the right digital services your customers, at the right time, and in the right way to deliver a great customer experience for your residents - delivering value for them and for you.


This means:

Our user-centric approach allows us to help you reimagine your service delivery and citizen engagement. It’s time to reimagine digital services for your customers and staff, putting their experience at the heart of everything you do.

We are part of your team from the start, taking a consulting-led approach to help you identify the problem you are trying to solve and to build momentum and secure buy-in from stakeholders to deliver change.

How we do it

Articulate your vision for the future to design an operating model that puts citizens, outcomes and safety at the heart of everything you do.

Design thinking and user-centric methodology

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Leverage existing technology investments and new technologies to deliver connected and collaborative digital organisations that can work anytime and from anywhere.

Digital advisory and delivery

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Provide support from redesigning organisational structures to shifting digital culture in order to create highly-efficient virtual organisations and service provision.

Business transformation experts

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It’s so exciting to see the complete change in the way that we work. The whole Council is so different to the organisation it was this time last year. I can’t praise this transformation programme enough, particularly in our waste management services. People can now access us 24/7 online in a completely automated process. It’s fantastic”

Sandra Beck, Director of Finance at Broxbourne Borough Council.

The Sopra Steria approach is helping make the complex area of ethics real and approachable. They’ve also introduced us to new digital ways of working, and it’s felt like we’ve been working with a boutique consultancy.

Ben Jones, Head of Digital at Harrow Council.

Sarah's story*



*This story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this video are fictional. No identification with actual persons is intended nor should be inferred.

Our offerings

Digital Service Design

We use our service design and UX expertise to help you redesign high volume or challenging customer journeys. We create highly effective digital services, while leveraging the digital technology that is already available to you.

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Leverage the Legacy

We deliver new digital architecture and platforms that make the most of existing systems, and integrate them to provide a consistent and seamless experience for customers and employees.

operating models and digital council

Operating Models and Digital Council

We define new operating models and deliver operational excellence, focusing on people, process and technology – helping councils become digital organisations.



An immersive workshop over several days aimed at solving critical challenges. We work together to refine and develop solutions.


Cultural Change Management

We help employees embrace new digital technologies as well as collaborative and agile ways of working.

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From stress to success for missed bin reports

Oct 21, 2020

How Sopra Steria transformed one of Broxbourne Council’s most painful customer and staff experiences into a 24/7 automated success story.

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The world today is, in many ways, unrecognisable from the world we inhabited only weeks ago.  In an astonishingly short span of time, many of us have been cut off from our loved ones, and perhaps even lost people we care about. 

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