Are you ready for an exceptional development experience where you’ll go further, faster and be challenged?

At Sopra Steria, we take on new and amazing challenges every day. By encouraging diverse thinking, we develop innovative solutions that deliver results to our clients we can be proud of.

Graduates join Sopra Steria because we offer great training, development and career progression. You’ll be working in an environment that is stimulating and challenging, where we’ll give you the opportunity to make a difference early on in your career. It’s an exciting time for us as we build our business for the future and we’ve designed our graduate programme with the future in mind too. Our aim is to give you the skills and experience that develop your potential as well as providing the foundations for you to build your career as a future leader in our business.

Are you a Graduate?

Our Consulting and Management graduate programme is a two year programme. Hands on and challenging, the programme comprises 4 x 6 month placements working as part of a project team assigned to client projects. You’ll be assigned to a project as soon as your initial induction is completed so you have the opportunity to make a difference almost from day one. This work experience is complemented by a comprehensive and leading edge business understanding and leadership skills programme which runs in parallel to your work experience.

We want you to learn as much as possible about our business and our clients so your placements will see you working in projects across the different industry sectors we operate in, including Financial Services, Commercial, Government, Aerospace, Defence & Security.

The combination of the work experience and the focused training will enable you to gain the business knowledge and experience and develop the skills that will kick start your career.

We also recruit IT graduates into direct entry roles, providing technical training that builds on your technical knowledge and experience.

What we look for

A passion and a desire for early responsibility. A curiosity for how technology can transform how our clients do business, as well as a flair for analytical thinking, problem solving and first-class communication skills. A can-do attitude, the ability to challenge the status quo and look for better ways of doing things alongside a talent for building relationships and collaborating with all kinds of people are also really important.

Our business is one that’s driven by client demand which means that flexibility is essential. Our clients and our offices are throughout the UK so travel will be required.

Your Development

When you join us, you will embark on a journey that marks the launch of an exciting career and the opportunity to maximise your potential.

Our graduate development programme starts with an intensive induction that introduces you to the Sopra Steria Group and the UK business in detail. You’ll learn about our mission and values, our strategy and how that’s being delivered in the sectors that make up the UK business upfront training. You’ll meet the key leaders who shape Sopra Steria as well as graduates who are already making their way through our company. Importantly, you’ll be introduced to some of the core skills that you’ll need in your first assignment to make sure you are prepared and ready to add value to our clients from the get go.

Interwoven with your project assignments, there’ll be training modules which will progressively build your business understanding and leadership skills, enabling you to take on more complex work in subsequent assignments. In these modules you’ll learn about topics like customer relationships, collaborative leadership, change management and digital awareness so that you can put that learning into practice in your next project assignment. You’ll also learn critical professional skills like programme and project management, consulting behaviour and methods and presentation skills. The stepped approach to our programme means that as your capability develops throughout your training, so the challenge increases. This means that you have every opportunity to maximise your potential with all the right support from us along the way.

And support you we will. From guiding you through each assignment – the project line manager – to making sure that you’re getting the most from the programme and that your development is on track – our Early Careers team – there is a range of people who are there to help you. You’ll also be given a mentor – a senior manager from the business – who will be there to coach you on your journey to becoming a leader and share with you all the knowledge and experience they’ve gained throughout their career. Plus, you’ll be assigned a Buddy - either a current or a recent graduate – who will be a great ‘go to person’ for practical advice and support.

Security Clearance

Please be aware that due to the nature of the sectors we work in, applicants will need to meet the criteria for security clearance in order to be considered, including having lived in the UK for the last 5 years.

In a nutshell...

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