Cyber Security and Resilience

Cyber Security and Resilience

Working alongside our customers as a trusted partner to deliver end-to-end cyber transformation that enables a step change in business performance.

Cyber security has increased on the board’s radar in recent years…

And for good reason. Cyber security is vital to businesses of all sizes, helping to protect sensitive information, and prevent costly data breaches. However, the budget to deliver resilience and cyber security transformation is not always in line with the business requirement. Many solutions and services require significant capital outlay and additional recurring operational costs, and this, combined with increased salaries and training costs, makes it hard to secure investment.

Sopra Steria delivers reliable security and resiliency

At Sopra Steria, our cyber security offerings are unique in the market place because they’re not constrained by processes that typically exist in other security service providers. We have a truly end-to-end procedure for supporting our clients’ cyber requirements, and our approach is consulting-led through to the delivery and operational management of security services and solutions.

By working as a trusted partner, we help businesses understand their risks and impacts from cyber disruptions (malicious and non-malicious) – and give them the confidence that the Target Operating Models being proposed are based on an operational foundation that can be implemented and sustainably delivered.

With this personalised approach – which is applied to all our areas from Cyber Consulting and Penetration Testing, to Operational Resilience and Crisis Management – we’re able to deal with each of our clients as individuals, taking the time to discuss their unique requirements and scoping the work accordingly. Consequently, we provide a service that addresses their needs directly and provides value that answers a specific requirement.

Ultimately, we’re not content in simply supplying a piece of technology to an organisation to act as yet another silver bullet to mitigate all of their cyber security issues. We are realists and pragmatic in our approach. And we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable, supportive solutions.


A trusted partner


  • Our service offering is end-to-end
  • We want to help you achieve your cyber security vision
  • We are relationship-driven, not transactional
  • Our reputation for delivery is excellent
  • Our USP is our client intimacy and culture
  • Secure systems are a part of our DNA

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