Combining the entrepreneurial mindset of a creative team, with Sopra Steria’s experience in scaling solutions, to solve problems in exciting ways.

Combining the entrepreneurial mindset of a creative team, with Sopra Steria’s experience in scaling solutions, to solve problems in exciting ways.

Do you know how far along the digital journey you are?

The constant creation of new ideas and technologies make today’s digital world incredibly exciting, with opportunities at every turn. But it can sometimes be hard to know where you currently are – especially when you’re tied up with day-to-day challenges, limited bandwidths and budget cuts. A collaborative, design-led approach to innovation is the key to competitive advantage, no matter what obstacles seem to bar the path ahead – helping to deliver deep business performance, and employee and customer experience transformation that really makes a difference.

Sopra Steria understands that innovation is nothing without impact

A big part of what we do is exploring the innovative digital technologies that are shaping our future. We examine the ideas of tomorrow in order to relate them to the way we work today. And because we always place value over technology, it means any innovations we implement solve business and societal challenges – it’s not just technology for technology’s sake.

We work closely with our clients to identify and prioritise their main opportunities for innovation. We then put in place practical steps to realise their new reality in meaningful ways through the innovative use of digital technologies. With this approach, we’re able to solve problems in new and exciting ways.

We believe it’s vital to add an all-important layer of focus to technical innovation, too. Through identifying the key topics that are going to impact our world in the next three to five years, we can help seed new ideas that will remain relevant in the future. Working alongside you, we can bring these future-market insights to life and decide how your business can take advantage of the latest trends.

Together, we can explore opportunities and design prototypes to validate their potential – and then work with you to bring new offers to market quickly, at scale, to secure competitive advantage.

A trusted partner

Deliver lasting value

Our innovation services are proven to offer fast results and lasting value.

At the forefront of innovation

We decode the latest trends and work with you to realise their potential.

Unrivalled expertise

Our innovation experts are committed to providing solutions that deliver the right solutions for your needs

Put the customer first

We help you understand how your customers can make the most of technology

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Close client relationships

We are an extension of your team, working closely with you to deliver change at a pace that suits your needs.

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Here’s the story of 5 Career Ready interns and their 4 week internship in the Sopra Steria Edinburgh DigiLab…..

Keeping clients one step ahead – the DigiLab story (Part #3)

So how do we connect up all these rich pools of learning? DigiLabs is the Sopra Steria hothouse for innovation, uniquely straddling our global spheres of expertise. The way we’re structured helps us bring together insight from across our eco-system to answer the critical challenges faced by our customers, with unrivaled vision and leadership.

Keeping clients one step ahead – the DigiLab story (Part #2)

Digital transformation projects are often mission-critical, and therefore usually urgent. There’s a need to quickly unearth and interrogate challenges, sift the solution options and get things into test and development.

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