Delivering seamless digital experiences

Whether it is re-imagining how citizens interact with business’ or Governments, Sopra Steria combines strategic consulting services with a suite of digital capabilities to shape the future.

Building a safer, more sustainable world where everyone has access to a secure, trusted Digital Identity

At Sopra Steria, we are at the forefront of shaping the market approach to delivering digital identity; leading the conversation, creating new technologies and collaborating across sectors to deliver transformative solutions which are evolving in step with the demands of a highly connected world.

How we can help you to drive a successful Digital Identity strategy

Our vision is to empower every individual to seamlessly create, manage and share a single digital identity, unlocking digital journeys and enabling seamless user experiences, underpinning the effective delivery of digital services.

In doing so we will help citizens, customers, organisations and governments to grow a better, more secure digital economy and realise a truly digital and accessible future.

Our services will help unlock the digital economy through the realisation of a truly connected society. One that is not dependent on repeated identity checks, but one that allows citizens to re-use trusted identity data controlled by them.

Our Digital Identity specialists partner with public and private organisations across the world to advise on digital identity strategy and deliver identity services that redefine digital experiences. We put people at the heart of our transformation agendas and develop intuitive experiences which are accessible for both users and organisations, with a strong heritage in security, privacy and ethical data management.


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Our Capability

Our end-to-end capability, which includes strategic consulting, innovation methodologies, technology service development and delivery means we have a unique position in this market and can help clients at all stages of their Digital Identity journey.

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Case Study


Innovative app prototype launch hints at a future of contactless travel

UK eTraveller App demonstrates the art of the possible for borders

Our experience


Helping Police in Norway enhance citizen security

Sopra Steria has been delivering biometrics solutions for Scandinavian police forces for 30 years. The current system gives officers on patrol new standards for mobile identification effectiveness to enable fast and accurate capture, processing and transmission of biometrics data. The service embodies two proprietary biometric products that are used by police forces throughout Europe.

Protecting the Schengen Areas Borders

By 2022, the Shared Biometric Matching System will be one of the largest biometric systems in the world, integrating over 400 million third-country nationals with fingerprints and facial images. This new system will first serve the identification needs of the new European Entry / Exit System, being the cornerstone of the protection of European borders.

A bespoke identification and verification system for the Northern Ireland Prison Service

Sopra Steria’s innovative biometrics solution is empowering Northern Ireland Prison Service inmates to move securely within prison buildings independently, and is freeing up vital time for staff. Not only does this empower the 95 per cent of inmates who are able to move freely around the prisons, but it also means officers can focus their attention on rehabilitation.

Thought leadership

Blog Posts

Open Identity Exchange (OIX) Identity Trust Conference

| Tom Staley

We eagerly attended the OIX Identity Trust Conference last week, where the key theme was the importance of building trust in order to promote the adoption of digital identities by organisations. We certainly weren’t disappointed by the in-depth exploration of what is a crucial topic.

Identity Week Round Up

| Tom Staley

Identity Week is back! This was my first in-person conference for 18 months, and it was great to be meeting people in person again.

Here’s a summary of the key themes explored during the event: Security, Design, Re-Use and Inclusion.

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