Digital Ethics

Digital Ethics

Change the way you use technology for good

Change the way you use technology for good

Organisations can no longer afford to ignore the ethical implications of digital technology

Digital technology has already changed the way we work, live and play forever. It is now more evident than ever that it is also changing whole societies and impacting trust in businesses and institutions – and people are starting to demand action.

Stakeholders of all kinds are asking for more from organisations: employees expect prospective employers to join them in acting on social issues, consumers are increasingly concerned about their privacy and safety online, and shareholders are asking companies to demonstrate societal purpose.

Whilst technology is not inherently good or bad, by its nature it amplifies and accelerates positive or negative consequences. So how do you ensure that your technology is having the impact you want?

From theory to action

Many organisations talk about the ethical implications of technology, few are taking action. Backed by research and industry-recognised standards, Sopra Steria's Digital Ethics experts help you to gain a better understanding of the ethical challenges your digital strategy, programme or project faces; uncover the practical changes you can make and develop the business case for change.

Our comprehensive understanding of technology, combined with our leadership in managing our business for econonmic, social and environmental sustainability, make us a natural partner to take action on Digital Ethics issues. We move the discussion from the philosophical to the practical, collaborating with a range of stakeholders and industry groups to shape a better future, while helping organizations navigate the challenges of Digital Ethics today, leading to better business outcomes now.

A trusted partner

Navigate complex challenges

Digital Ethics is complex and ever-changing. Our experts use research and industry-recognised standards to guide you through the Digital Ethics landscape.

Make a practical plan

Simply showing interest in ethics is no longer enough. Customers, employees and shareholders expect organisations to take action on using technology ethically. We work with organisations to create a practical plan for change.

Adaptable solutions for your organisation

We don't impose a one-size-fits-all approach. We help you to understand the most relevant ethical challenges your business faces and give you the tools to make changes that create value for your organisation.

Choose the right partner

Sopra Steria is a recognised leader in business and tech for good. Our experts are shaping the conversation around Digital Ethics and have experience helping clients create shared value and human-centric solutions.

Thought leadership

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