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Build up your ecosystem of mutually beneficial relationships that ‘click'

We believe that the brightest ideas are born when creative, passionate and experienced people across the industry work together. What makes them spark is having a shared and meaningful purpose and a clear role to play in bringing them to life.

Sopra Steria’s new proposition, Chemistry is a structured programme that helps organisations establish their ecosystems representing all sides of the coin: consumer wants, needs and dreams and technology solutions, that are alive and kicking in the wild, ready to meet them.

The Chemistry team specialise in Design, Digital Ethics, Data & Analytics, Customer Experience, Systems Integration and Operations. In other words, we’re here to make sure that nothing kills your mojo in making things real with your partners.

What exactly can Chemistry help you with?

Strategy: From profit to purpose

You have a limited budget and a million asks from across the business what do you prioritise? Chemistry helps you focus on solving these challenges that are voiced by consumer advocates and deliver positive, societal impact that makes business sense.

Speed: From DYI to partnerships

You’re probably not short of ideas. Chances are that hundreds of versions of the tech you want to build already exists. How do you pick the right partners and onboard them quickly? Chemistry understands your systems first to shortlist partners that fit, and then handles the procurement for you.

Delivery: From experimentation to reality

Your know you’re solving the right challenge. You have a partner to do it with and a beautiful prototype. Making it work and stick is often the hard part. The Chemistry team specialises in systems integration, ensuring that scaling is considered from start to finish.
Chemistry’s 5 step co creation journey and outcomes

Join the party

Some challenges might be specific to your organisation. Others however, are industry industry-wide and tricky to solve. Chances are that your peers also have them on their agendas. Chemistry enables you to join forces in solving them, making it cheaper for everyone.

Focus on what matters

Give your customer a voice. Connect with consumer and academic panels to prioritise the current, and think about the future needs of your users. Chemistry provides an assessment of your offering – skills, technology and processes – against those needs.

Pick the tech

Once you understand the gaps, it’s easier to fill them. You can build solutions and do all the heavy lifting yourself. But is it worth recreating the wheel? Chemistry can help you find wacky and wonderful technology partners.

Make it work

You picked a tech solution – great! Let’s see how it fits into your business and then prove the concept, making sure that customers like it and that by embedding it in one part of the business, we don’t break another.

Make it stick

You’ve got the prototype and a plan of attack. Now let’s integrate it and launch to a small number of customers, learn from feedback and then… scale!

What industry wide challenges are we solving?

Half of UK adults display one or more characteristics of being potentially vulnerable. Most firms want to do the right thing, but struggle to serve such customers fairly and consistently. We believe that the root cause of this industry-wide issue lies in the ability to comprehensively identify customers who are, or are likely to, find themselves in vulnerable situations.

Here’s why:

  • Vulnerability is complex and fluid. It may be permanent or short-term, which can make it harder to spot
  • Customer data may be insufficient, unstructured or outdated and often located across multiple systems and business areas preventing a unified view of the customer
  • Regulatory constraints, such as GDPR and ethical ‘grey areas’ make it tricky to ensure data is used safely
  • Vulnerability definitions and markers are limited, static and not future-proof

This makes it difficult to design products and services that deliver a positive experience for those who need it the most.


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