Helping our customers embrace technology and enable innovative solutions that improve people’s lives.

Are you growing tired of empty digital promises?

You’re not alone. Many organisations are yet to fully reap the benefits of digital and the thought of introducing complex transformation programmes can therefore feel overwhelming. We get it. Maximising the use of your data is clearly worth the effort, but it’s just going to take a bit of effort to make it happen. There are multiple opportunities to be realised by bridging the gap between legacy and new technology. And keeping compliant is obviously a good idea. So, let us assure you that the benefits of digital are just around the corner.

Sopra Steria is the UK digital transformation and service partner of choice

We’ll work closely with you to intelligently apply digital technologies that deliver real human outcomes. We enable you to navigate through the digital hype, identify transformation opportunities and develop a digital roadmap that opens up new business possibilities.

Ours is not a digital for digital’s sake approach. Instead it is the thoughtful application of traditional and digital technologies to deliver the right, clearly identified, measurable business outcomes. As a result, you can drive sustainable, long-term success by increasing operational efficiency; enabling personalised, multichannel customer experiences; and empowering your employees to drop routine tasks and focus on higher value-generating activities.

With a passion for improving lives, we are the UK digital transformation and service partner of choice – drawing on our digital capabilities across our group and our partners to deliver innovation at speed and with confidence.

Why Sopra Steria

  • End-to-end service offering – from planning through to implementation, we offer a seamless end-to-end service that ensures we’re with you every step of the way  
  • Put the customer first – taking a human-centred design approach ensures that people are always at the heart of any change programme 

  • Unrivalled expertise – our experts are experienced and skilled across multiple sectors and technologies 

  • Innovation at the heart – we constantly innovate to ensure the needs of all end users are met and exceeded  

  • Take on any challenge – we relish the hard challenges that can seem impossible to solve, especially when it comes to legacy modernisation, which we have a track record of delivering against

Our offerings


Innovation- Combining the entrepreneurial mindset of a creative team, with Sopra Steria’s experience in scaling solutions, to solve problems in exciting ways.

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Experience Design

Experience Design- Differentiating our clients’ businesses through truly innovative and disruptive solutions – and a human-centred approach to digital transformation.

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Cloud - Tackling the hard challenges to ensure innovative cloud transformation within our customers’ legacy environments that delivers bold outcomes.

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AI and Intelligent Automation

AI and Intelligent Automation - Delighting customers with exciting new experiences, transforming company performance and generating new business efficiencies and opportunities.

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