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Turning the spotlight on employee experience

The world of work is changing. How you enable your employees to deliver business and strategic outcomes is critical to their experience in the workplace – and also how you create differentiation and competitive advantage.

In fact, a focus on employee experience is now pivotal to business success. It is essential in highlighting the cultural and technological changes that enable you to seamlessly engage with Generation Me, and transform how people feel at work. This will consequently impact every aspect of your performance, from productivity and profitability, to absenteeism and safety incidents.

What is Generation Me?

In today’s always on, always connected world, employee expectations are growing and the demand for flexible working has never been higher. Generation Me is this new workforce: one that expects to operate at work just as easily as it does at home. This means being able to access business and HR services through the channel of their choice, from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Crucially, the workplace that empowers its people with real-time data services, intuitive easy-to-access employee services and automated self-help will be better placed to achieve broader strategic customer experience goals.

An employee-centric model

To engage with this new, digitally savvy workforce, technology, business and HR leaders are re-thinking outdated processes that have failed to keep up with new ways of working and new modes of service delivery – such as digital and cloud platforms. They recognise the need to make a significant shift to an employee-centric model that helps the business attract and retain the best – and most appropriate – talent.

Our vision of the future

At Sopra Steria, our future vision for the HR function is fast becoming a reality. As HR emerges to be a strategic partner to the business, we’re using data analytics, increased automation – including robotics – and process transformation to put employees at the heart of everything HR does.

While it’s true that people have always been the focus for our HR department, HR3.0 is built on a true understanding of what today’s employees really want in the modern workplace. Ironically, it uses digital technologies to free up HR professionals to put ‘humans’ back into ‘Human Resources’.

Re-design, automate, digitise

As part of our HR vision, our ‘Engaging Generation Me’ initiative has been established to modernise workplaces and update management practices. We implement smart, analytical systems and simplified, automated processes and employee services.

  • Engaging Generation Me’ ensures the end-to-end employee lifecycle is supported by modern, efficient business and HR services that are fit-for-purpose. This typically involves:
  • Re-designing, automating and digitising key business and HR processes
  • Addressing the challenge of ageing technology platforms that are not aligned with a user-centric focus, such as the need to offer employee channel-of-choice options
  • Making use of robotics, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to help capture, analyse and interpret data to drive a better employee experience
  • Using analytics to better predict and plan for career progression and retention, or to understand and manage health and wellbeing issues
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