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Your critical ally through complex cyber transformations delivering a positive step-change in business performance with a different kind of consulting approach

Your needs lead the way

We are a highly experienced cybersecurity consulting expert, practised at de-risking, accelerating and sharply focussing cyber transformation projects to achieve the outcomes you need.

You’ll find our services unlike others on the market: vendor agnostic, pragmatic, financially realistic and outcome obsessed.

Our delivery methodology generates real value by moving you away from legacy operating models, bringing together our core technology capabilities and advisory practices to deliver end-to-end solutions that do more than just fill a technology gap.

Our fanatically collaborative approach supports you on every step of the journey, ensuring that innovation is targeted, change is rapidly delivered, success assured and value quickly realised.

Cyber Security ConsultantA trusted partner delivering unique value

We never shy away from the hard conversations and aim to deliver the transformation you need now while giving you the tools to work independently if you choose in the future, rather than expensively embedding ourselves within your business:


What we do – Accelerating complex transformation:

We’re not about point solutions or individual technologies. We help you strategically transform whole IT services like messaging, identity management and end user compute to secure your organisation and improve business operations. We aim to be cost neutral: by moving you away from end-of-life processes and services not fit for the future, our transformations often don’t cost a thing in the near term.


How we deliver – Vendor agnostic:

Where most consultants are vendor aligned, we’re free to suggest the right best of breed solutions for your specific challenges and budgets. Using our extensive frontline solution expertise, we provide unparalleled insight into a breadth of vendors and software, accelerating sourcing processes and reducing costs.


Why work with us - End-to-end impact and value:

Our frameworks look across all related services and technologies to produce a balanced score of the most effective way to deliver across all of your cybersecurity demands: from strategy, programme delivery and effective cyber operations to services such as Messaging, IDAM, Modern Workplace, SOCs and so much more.


How we ensure success - Projects that are measurable by design:

We give you the means to gauge and demonstrate the value, capability and performance of your cyber transformation. Knowledge transfer is key to us too: we always include upskilling of your teams, leaving your operation entirely self-sufficient.


Putting Ethics at the Heart of AI in Cyber

The application of Artificial Intelligence to Cybersecurity has become the next frontier of technology and capability development. And rightly so: it will dramatically speed up response times, enhance threat identification, reduce workloads in Security Operating Centres and improve ability to rapidly mount counter-operations.

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