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Managing change is an everyday challenge in fast-moving environments, demanding constant new thinking and technology approaches. But let’s face it: it’s complex out there. Shifting user expectations, the rise of AI, market disruptions, new regulations and ethical considerations: even if you have the in-house skills to build new tech, do you really know how to map, design and integrate it to deliver the impact you need – at the speed that drives most growth and innovation agendas?

  • RE-USE
    processes and technology
    you already own,
    wherever possible.

    within a broad but
    de-risked safety net.

    projects to market
    using our proven and
    repeatable delivery expertise..

Sopra Steria BizLab is your advantage in the battle for focussed innovation, with a rapid and measurable impact - creating solutions that are both great for your business and the people effected. We do whatever it takes to simply deliver, bringing some of the most experienced digital minds, tested frameworks, user-centric strategies and entrepreneurial thinking together to assure project success.

By creating solutions that are thoroughly researched, powerfully relevant and intuitively usable and empathetic, BizLab helps you de-risk growth strategies and deliver innovation, bang on target.

  • Will the solution you are pursuing deliver value?
  • Are your targets users’ needs and expectations what you really think they are?
  • What new approaches could change the game?

It’s how strategic success happens


We interrogate your challenges in relation to key industry trends and innovation. Drawing on user data, market research, behavioural science and academic studies helps us reveal hurdles, refine the opportunity and sharpen project focus.


Then, we map and stress-test ways forward, marrying simple fixes with ambitious design-led thinking and disruptive new technology, communication and delivery concepts. Our aim is to abandon limiting mindsets, inventing new approaches without hesitation where needed to ensure competitive advantage.


Finally, we launch the proposition and adapt it using an agile, lean methodology, efficiently gathering and leveraging early performance insights. We use these to continuously refine the project and keep delivering maximum impact beyond release.

BizLab’s 6 Pillars of Impact


Simple By Design

We’re here to decode problems, not add new layers of jargon and complexity, working hard our end to keep things simple at yours.


Human centred

Putting users at the heart of our thinking helps us design tight, empathetic experiences tailored to unique user motivations ensuring a high uptake.


Value driven

By making incremental improvements starting with your most urgent challenges (not our shiniest tech) you can deliver big change in manageable steps.


Proven at pace

All our solutions and services are rapidly created and tested, failing fast to deliver proven outcomes and speed a successful delivery.


Evolving with agility

Real impact nearly always takes refinement so we keep measuring, testing and tweaking until we get the outcomes you really need.


Engaged and accountable

We never hit a figure and walk away but stay open, accessible and responsive for the term of the project, and beyond.

Impactful innovation, every time

NHS Payslip app


We’re helping NHS staff access their payroll data anytime and anywhere, so they can stay focussed on the critical patient care that matters.

I really like the design. It’s easy to use, straightforward and gives the information you need. - NHS employee

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