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Transforming Estate Management

Designing the digital architecture that integrates digital solutions into an ecosystem to enable data-driven decisions in real estate.

Enabling data-driven decisions to drive transformation

Estate Management is evolving. No longer can those who plan, operate and maintain estates rely on traditional approaches, systems and processes to meet the demands of their buildings’ users. New service models are emerging and working patterns are changing in response to a number of business critical challenges.

Most organisations are facing the challenge of meeting net zero targets by 2050. In many cases, building assets are old, planned maintenance is challenging, supply chains are heavily reliant on legacy systems and there is no single view of an organisation’s estate requirements from front to back office.

All of these challenges are leading to Estate Management operations being overly complex, susceptible to risk and not providing value for money. To overcome the operational, financial and sustainability challenges, organisations need to re-visit their Estate Management strategy and assess what insights are available to make data-driven decisions ready for the flexible workplace of the future.

  • We have over 500 Estate Management customers across Europe
  • Every day, more than 44,000 people use our Estate Management platforms
  • We help the MOD schedule work for over 40,000 appointments every year throughout their estate

Our approach

At Sopra Steria, we help clients to optimise their physical estates through digital transformation. By extracting data-driven insights about the core components of your estate, we then provide consultancy at each stage of the transformation journey to deliver positive business outcomes.  Our consultants are trained to facilitate and inform discussions with clients, to empower them to make the right decisions. We combine fresh thinking and insight with a diverse mix of skills, experience and capability to design intelligent and innovative solutions that deliver lasting value.​

Navigate complex data challenges

We help organisations understand their current data and identify where improvements can be made to improve data accuracy, availability and visibility. The aim is to create a unified view of your estate, to inform effective decision making.

Develop a future strategy based on insight

Using a data-led approach, we help you focus on the key insights that will drive change to meet your strategic objectives. Our team provide consultation to help shape your strategic plan, taking into account changing technology, data & environmental requirements.

Create a transformation roadmap

With clarity on the strategic objectives, we develop a roadmap to deliver the replacement or integration of legacy platforms and systems, optimise data and analytics and improve efficiencies.

Consultancy to deliver the right solution

We provide consultancy at each stage of the transformation journey to deliver positive business outcomes. From digital ethics (such as an ethics assessment and/or exploratory workshops) to tenant self-service applications, RPA, Cybersecurity and omnichannel support services to name a few.

Shorter engagements to deliver progress

We can also work with you on shorter ‘art of the possible’ style engagements, providing design and consultancy sprints based on our core capabilities such as:

Business change, improving User Experience, Sustainability and Social Value, Digital Ethics, Systems Integration as well as Data Management and Analytics.

Our commitment to Social Value and Sustainability

Through the use of digital technology, Estate Management has the potential to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges, such as climate change, air and water pollution, and resource shortages. But it can have environmental costs too, in the forms of resource consumption and depletion, earth and water pollution, and its own energy and carbon footprint.

Sopra Steria is committed to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  Through our world-leading sustainability programme, we:

Tech for good

Use our business to improve social mobility, inclusion, and access to skills, education and employment in our Tech for Good programme.


Reduce our environmental impact by reducing our carbon emissions, waste and use of resource.


Improve diversity and inclusion, and employee wellbeing within our own business, offering a great place to work for our employees.

Supply Chain

Manage the impact of our supply chain by working with partners and suppliers to embed best practices for sustainable and ethical business.

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their sustainability and social value objectives through our services.  Our industry leading experts have designed tailored programmes for our clients, earning recognition and accolades. 

Impactful outcomes

Experience & Expertise

A real estate ecosystem developed over 35 years’ with a dedicated workforce of over 650 employees dedicated to this sector

Systems Integration

Over 40 years’ experience in Systems Integration services across the world’s largest Public and Private Sector organisations

Market Leading Partnerships

Experience in working with market leading SME partners whose software forms part of the real estate ecosystem and can enhance your existing Estates Management software platform

Cutting Edge IT solutions

IT solutions that improve the performance of legacy systems and give your organisation access to expertise in AI, Automation and Cloud

Supply Chain Resilience

Improved supply chain resilience through robust and resilient processes to make sure your organisation can continue to function to the highest possible standards

Access to strategy experts

Access to Government and People strategy experts who have real world experience in re-designing the ecosystem and integration for large and complex estates, making sure users’ needs are catered for

Real Time Reporting

Better business control through real time reporting and Management Information allowing for more informed and accurate decision making across your business

Environment & Sustainability

World leading expertise in Environment and Sustainability Management. Sopra Steria is Carbon Neutral, ISO 14001 accredited, is on the CDP A List for 4th consecutive year and is committed to becoming net-zero by 2028

Reducing Operational Costs

Reduced operational costs through data and insights which support internal structure, aligned to your real estate strategy

Thought Leadership

Blog posts

Royal Marsden: The power of the pause in improving patient care.

| Gabriella Sharp

The COVID pandemic, in particular the national lockdowns, resulted in an increased demand for cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our front-line NHS workers are now in a period of transition from the unprecedented challenges of protecting vulnerable patients from COVID, into a busy recovery phase.

Golden nuggets from the National NHS Estates Conference

| Caroline Hildreth

Last week, our team attended the National NHS Estates conference at the etc.venue in St Pauls, London.  Hosted by InsideGov, the focus was on sustainable estates and how technology, data and digital transformation are key enablers in helping the NHS solve the challenges they face, especially those accelerated by Covid-19 around the use of the estate.

Smart Asset and Estate Management: For a Greener and Smarter Future

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The highlight of the week for our Estate Management team was attending the Smart Asset & Estate Management conference in person at the QEII Centre, London.  Hosted by GovNet, the focus was on ‘Transforming the Public Estate for a Greener and Smarter Future’.

Building Social Value into Estate Management Strategy

| Caroline Hildreth

Social Value is becoming an increasingly important part of day-to-day life. In simple terms it’s about how local government and organisations can create value for society, to provide the services we need and deliver support for businesses and communities to thrive.

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