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Many UK firms need to evidence fair outcomes for customers in vulnerable circumstances, but most lack the data they need to do so. Why?

Customers aren’t motivated to disclose

  • People may not trust that this information will only be used to help them
  • They may think they aren’t entitled to support, or aware of what to ask for
  • They may simply avoid talking about their difficulties

Customers aren’t enabled to disclose

  • Many vulnerable customers are time-poor, so they prioritise what’s necessary or easy
  • Many people don’t fully understand their own support needs, without guidance
  • Some struggle to communicate over the phone, or in English

Firms aren’t recording the impact of customers’ circumstances

  • To offer relevant support, firms need to know the impact – the potential customer harms
  • To deliver fair outcomes, these need to be mitigated through support or service design
  • And this data needs to be kept accurate and up-to-date

That’s why Sopra Steria developed Support Point.

A digital triage tool that makes it easy for customers to share their needs and be connected to relevant support from you and other organisations. It helps you reduce the likelihood of harm today, and signpost local and national options to help customers build longer term emotional and financial resilience in the future.

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Support Point

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Scalable digital disclosure

Support Point is available 24/7 and can be used with assistive technology. The tool is accessible and guides customers with empathetic, straightforward language to reassure customers as they share what support they need. If over 50% of UK adults are potentially vulnerable, your customers need an easy, convenient way to disclose their support needs.

Compliant data, in a jiffy

Customers are guided through 3 simple steps to understand and share their circumstances, how these impact them when using your services, and the support they’d welcome from you. You receive these outputs daily to update your records, so colleagues know how to tailor the service they provide. If a customer updates their inputs, we let you know, so the data you hold is accurate and up to date.

Evidence fair outcomes

We know there are two key things the regulator wants to see evidenced, both of which are impossible without effective disclosure from customers: 1) the nature, scale and impact of vulnerability in your customer base, and 2) that vulnerable customers’ outcomes are at least as good as other customers’. Support Point can provide you the data you need to report on these.

Within weeks, you could be receiving accurate, standardised data from your customers and using this to create more equitable outcomes. Our purpose-driven team would love to demo Support Point for you and talk to you about harnessing the power of these insights to drive brand advocacy and service efficiency.


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Common example scenarios

Scenario A

Mr D suffers with insomnia-related memory loss. He asked for colleagues to be patient, offer to write things down, and to avoid phoning him in the mornings. His Support Pack included an action plan on fitness, diet and sleep, and charities such as Sleep Scotland and Sleep Apnoea Trust.

Scenario B

Miss M is a single mum, struggling on a low income. She hadn’t considered before the impact this has on her mental wellbeing, as well her options with unexpected bills. She asked for help with her borrowing. Her Support Pack included an action plan on dealing with debt, and charities offering grants, video tutorials on ditching debt, and BBC Bitesize content to help her talk to her son about it.

Scenario C

Ms W is worried she’s being left behind in the digital age. With support from her carer, she worked through the tool and shared that she has some mobility issues and would really welcome help with digital skills. Her Support Pack signposted her to information on keeping fit in a wheelchair and local groups offering companionship, recreation and help with her groceries.

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