Optimised Decision Engine (ODE)

A revolutionary response to combat fraud and scams

Fraudulent activity presents a significant threat to the UK’s prosperity, national security and reputation. When it comes to combating fraud and scams, one of the biggest challenges is understanding how to minimise the number of false positives being generated whilst maintaining the desired level of fraud detection. 

Striking a balance between false and true positives remains a challenge for most firms. Inefficient or ineffective fraud strategies can lead to detrimental consequences, including a substantial negative impact on your customers and operations due to false positives, as well as increased losses resulting from missed fraud cases.

Fundamentally transform your fraud operations in a way never imagined before, with Sopra Steria's Fraud Optimised Decision Engine (ODE)

Most fraud detection providers enable you to improve your fraud management through authoring and editing your own rulesets, but often leave firms to do the hardest job themselves. 

ODE is different - It does the hard work for you

Instead, it optimises your current decision engine by replacing legacy rulesets in favour of a new auto-generated suite of optimised rulesets. 

Our solution:

  • Takes an automatic approach to optimisation through a suite of automatically generated rulesets.

  • Searches billions of permutations per day.

  • Frees up resources - SMEs only validate and select rulesets to be used to accommodate varying risk appetite.

  • Creates new rulesets each time, and take a fraction of the time to run.

  • Removes all bias related to legacy rulesets through the creation of new rulesets.

Discover the benefits


Minimise fraud losses
Focus your attention on actual scam transactions and remove the distraction of false positives with our Optimised Decision Engine.

Increase flexibility
With the Optimised Decision Engine, firms can dynamically, rapidly and efficiently respond to a changing risk appetite.

Boost customer trust
Save your customers from unnecessary worry and concern caused by false positives, and ensure you're fully focused on the real threat from genuine scams.

Reduce operational expenditure
Avoid additional OpEx investment to manually deal with the threat of false positives. Capitalise on the power of machine learning to focus on the true threat from scams.
Optimised Decision Engine
Today we would like to introduce you to Sopra Steria's Optimised Decision Engine. A unique and flexible solution that will enable you to address the increasing fraud threat whilst reducing avoidable day-to-day operations and fraud losses.

Our solution can be used to flexibly adjust to your daily risk appetite and can drive positive outcomes with respect to operational cost savings and a reduction in avoidable losses.

The first thing our solution considers are the three measurements of success, number of false positives, number of true positives and the value of fraud detected.

Our model will offer a wide range of rule sets to choose from. This means you are able to strike that unique balance between all three measurements of success.

Our solution is a unique, highly efficient and powerful tool. It gives you the power to manage and control your daily risk appetite.

By providing a suite of optimized rule sets using our patent pending technology, Sopra Steria's optimized Decision Engine will help you lead the battle against fraud.

Sopra Steria - The world is how we shape it.

Our approach

Firms need to both minimise the number of false positives being generated, while maintaining the level of fraud detected.


ODE Approach Image ODE Approach Image


Analyse historical transaction data, fraud model scores and information confirming which transactions are genuine and which ones are fraudulent.


Analyse this data to determine the optimal outcomes for fraud detection and false positive reduction.


Generate a suite of optimised rulesets from scratch, which can be regenerated daily and used to optimally tune your transaction authorisation / fraud decision engine.

How can our ODE help you?

It'll help you to 

  • Prevent fraud and mitigate against financial crime, helping to protect the bank's reputation and build customer trust.
  • Maintain financial integrity, mitigating fraud risk, and contributing to the overall stability and soundness of the institution.

It'll help you to 

  • Establish a robust fraud prevention program.
  • Establish an effective financial crime prevention and AML program and mitigate risks associated with financial crimes.
  • Effectively identify, prevent, and mitigate fraudulent activities within the bank while staying at the forefront of the evolving fraud landscape.

It'll help you to

  • Effectively manage and mitigate fraud and financial crime risks associated with the bank's models, helping to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of these models in detecting and preventing fraudulent activities.

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