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Discover how organisations who offer financial services can take advantage of business process shared services which remove cost, complexity and risk from their loans, mortgages and savings operations

Why is a shared service and platform approach the right strategy for Financial Services organisations?
Financial Services organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver their services to customers through a range of digital, phone and in person channels. All of these channels and the associated processes are underpinned by technology. But with technology budgets under increasing pressure and complex legacy systems to manage and maintain, many Financial Service providers are finding themselves running to stand still and not able to undertake their transformational programmes of change in a timely and cost effective manner.

How Financial Services organisations need to reframe their thinking to make a customer first strategy, underpinned by efficient business processes, a reality

At Sopra Steria we understand organisations offering Financial Services to their customers cannot afford to stand still and let their existing competitors or new market entrants take customers away from them through poor customer experiences or legacy technology platforms and processes that are not fit for purpose.

This is why we have designed a shared service platform to enhance customer relationships and streamline customer journeys through the delivery of a true shared business process service. Our Business Process Shared Service platform is built to be modular in design, simple to understand, easy to consume and has a clear roadmap for future improvements.

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Because of our experience in the Financial Services market we recognise the risk and cost of changing underlying banking and business process systems. For this reason our End to End Financial Services platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing core Mortgage, Loans and Savings systems, rather than to replace them. By using our Shared Service Platform approach Financial Service providers can improve their existing offers through personalised products and services, streamline customer journeys, reduce operating costs and solve system complexity to deliver a digital customer experience ready for today and prepared for tomorrow.


Why should you choose Sopra Steria for your transformational programmes of change?

At Sopra Steria we have over 50 years’ experience in Financial Services transformation. Our software is already at the heart of many Banks and Building Societies and is trusted by over 1,500 financial services institutions across 80 countries worldwide.

We are also one of the UK’s leading providers of Shared Services including two large Joint Ventures, NHS Shared Business Services and Shared Services Connected Limited.

Our strategic vision is to use our collective experience of business transformation to support the evolution of this sector.

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