Solutions for Industry

Is your business operating model still fit for purpose?

Your organisation may have either grown steadily over many decades, or rapidly through mergers and acquisitions, to the point where a review of your business operations indicates:

  • You are no longer as agile as your competitors.
  • Your organisation doesn't respond to change quickly.
  • Your corporate management information could be better.
  • You spend more time disputing data than you do acting upon it.
  • You need to redesign a new target operating model, but are unsure what’s core and whether you could recruit in-house services for less.

We can help you move forward

Business process outsourcing is a catalyst for radical change and it releases capital tied up on non-core activities. That’s why we use our proven Process Intelligence Methodology (PIM) to safely transition and run even the most complex of business processes.

Using various tools and methods, we document and map the 'As Is' processes and develop the plan to create the 'To Be' scenario – and the continuous improvement plan beyond. We can access your own platforms or employ our own. And we can deploy automation, robotics, core platforms, telephony, scanning, workflow, management information and analytics.

As part of our offering, we also combine our business process services with underpinning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and legacy applications management to offer complete responsibility of service and outcomes.

Our Global Business Services (GBS) delivery model gives you the freedom to choose from where and how your services are delivered: onshore, nearshore, offshore – or any combination of the three. And we have all the relevant security accreditations to give assurance, which is why we’re trusted by our clients to handle their most sensitive data.

We deliver across the value chain, while having a special focus on complex work and exceptions requiring judgement and sensitivity. Unlike the vast majority of entrants into BPS who built up their expertise from low-cost offshoring of simple, commodity tasks, Sopra Steria started with difficult work that pushed the boundaries of what’s core and non-core.

We also made sure to build in the ability to handle the most high-end of industry processes from scratch – handling fraud recoveries, pension valuations, evidential case-file preparation, regulatory compliance and medical records management to name a few. If you have a question about our solutions for industry, please contact us.

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Sopra Steria's Process Intelligence Methodology (PIM)



BPS Process Intelligence Methodology BPS Process Intelligence Methodology

Description of Sopra Steria's Process Intelligence Methodology (PIM). 
This image lists our PIM tools and methods in a circle:

  • Business visioning (change).
  • TOM design (change).
  • Transition design (change).
  • Transition (change).
  • Service delivery (run).
  • Continuous improvement (run).
  • Service management (run).
  • Governance (run).