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Sopra Steria helps HR departments transform their technology, processes and information systems to create better employee experiences and deliver optimised departmental performance

The digital era is redefining the role of the HR department


Digital transformation is having a significant impact on human resources teams across the globe. Manual processes, disparate data sources and system complexity are all impacting the role of HR professionals in their ability to deliver the right talent management programmes, employee experiences and meet ever changing business demands.

In order to better serve the company's strategy, employees expectations and managers ever increasing workloads, HR departments need to evolve. A successful evolution will require HR departments to embrace new digital solutions if they are to transform HR from a process focused function to a people driven business.

Sopra Steria is helping over 900 organisations across the globe to meet their employees expectations, reduce managers workloads and stay ahead of the competition in the race for talent through the provision of leading Human Capital Management services and solutions.

How Sopra Steria help HR departments on their transformation journey


As a global provider of Human Capital Management solutions, Sopra Steria is helping HR departments address their most complex digital transformation challenges. We ready organisations for the new digital era through the provision of leading HCM digitally enabled platforms and services to support them on their transformational journeys. The HCM solutions we put in place helps organisations to unlock the full potential of their employees.

Our integrated HR Solution Eco-system includes best in class HCM offerings with seamless interoperability

Our integrated HR Solution Eco-system includes best of breed HCM offerings with seamless interoperability


To complement our solutions and ensure the very best user experience possible, Sopra Steria have developed a unique HCM interfacing platform called 4YOU. This intuitive user interface brings all of your systems, tools and processes together into one easy to use, collaborative workspace, which is accessible anytime, anywhere from any device.  4YOU empowers your staff by providing them with the ability to:


  • Access and Manage Personal Information – Update personal information via their very own digital file; Quickly view employment information, online pay information, holiday balances and key tasks they are working on.
  • View latest Absence Management statistics - Booked leave, sickness levels, identify employees on special leave or furlough, alert managers in real time about high levels of sickness in their teams.
  • Manager View -  See all important direct report information in one place including appraisals, feedback, tasks, planned leave, PDP’s and sickness levels.
  • Analytics - Drill deeper into key metrics which are linked to HR and business strategy including employee satisfaction levels, key job roles which are open and staff attrition rates.
  • Virtual Assistants – Enable employees to self-serve via chatbots who will answer common HR queries and questions quickly; freeing up your HR resource to focus their activities on more strategic initiatives.

By partnering with Sopra Steria for HCM solutions your organisation can benefit from:


  • Transformed HR operations with a single view of the workforce
  • Inform strategic decisions using powerful insights and reporting
  • Access data anytime, anywhere from any device
  • Optimise the employee experience with intuitive easy to use interfaces
  • Empower your managers/employees via self-service and reduce your administrative burden
  • Attract, on-board and retain your top talent
  • Optimise performance, reduce costs via automation and artificial intelligence 
  • Have a reliable, timely, accurate payroll processed, via powerful payroll engine
  • Make sure secure transactions, simplified controls, reliable services, and compliant HR processes are in place

Why should you choose Sopra Steria as your HR digital transformation partner?


We offer Dedicated HR solutions – whether it be as part of  our On-premise or Cloud offering our HR solutions are scalable, agile and easily integrated into existing business processes and systems.

Our HCM Platform specialists – will support you through your whole transformational journey.

Our Platform Credentials

In addition to your technical solution, we can provide you HR & Payroll Services to complement our Platform services. Our BPO services can be delivered as a part of a Fully Managed Service regime, as an outsourcing service or as a pure transactional based service. With a rich heritage and over 40 years delivering value added BPO Services, Sopra Steria are trusted by a wealth of clients across the UK. We are recognised as a BPO partner who can give organisations access to experienced and highly qualified BPO professionals, deep domain expertise in delivering transformational change and we take pride in having a collaborative culture which makes sure we deliver to the highest possible standards for our clients.

Our HCM Credentials




Innovation in our DNA


Sopra Steria re-invests a significant amount of our revenues each year in market leading digital solutions. This ensures our HCM solution offerings remain at the forefront in technical advancements. The Sopra HR Lab uses the latest technological advances such as connected objects, chatbots, semantic analyses, voice analyses, AI, RPA, big data, blockchain and cybersecurity to transform them into operational solutions, which are assured to benefit our clients well into the future.

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