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Committed to harnessing the power of innovation


We are dedicated to using innovation to create a positive impact on the world, particularly in the areas of agriculture and environment.

Sopra Steria has been working with Government Departments responsible for Agriculture, Environment, Rural Affairs and Marine across the UK and in Europe for over 20 years. 

We provide a range of services from Consulting, Strategy and Business Case Development through to Digital Solution Design and Systems Integration and Software Implementation and Delivery. 

Our core belief is that our actions have the power to shape the world. As a purpose-led business, we are committed to ensuring that our services prioritise social and environmental responsibility, making a difference to people and our planet, both now and in the future.


  • 20+ years' experience in Agriculture.
  • 40 years' experience in systems integration services.
  • Top 2% of the global companies managing our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Top 5 European digital services companies.
  • Present in 30 countries worldwide.

Environmental Sustainability

World-leading expertise in Environmental Sustainability services, including consulting, BPS and tools. We take a human-centred, data-driven and technology-backed approach to Sustainability. Sopra Steria has been rated as “Best in Class” in the PAC INNOVATION RADAR 2023, and recognised as leaders in sustainability across the UK and Europe.

Sopra Steria is committed to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through our world-leading sustainability programme, we:

  • Manage the impact of our supply chain by working with partners and suppliers to embed sustainable and ethical best practices.
  • Reduce environmental impact by helping clients reduce carbon emissions, waste and improve resource management.
  • Improve wellbeing by understanding the needs of your team and building users.
  • Optimise opportunities to improve social mobility, by providing access to skills, education and employment for the communities you serve.

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Services and Business Capabilities

Sopra Steria, and our joint venture Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL) have a long standing history supporting BPO services and outsourced scheme administration across Europe where we deliver some of the most complex and important schemes for end users, and government clients which include; Citizen Facing Services, Grants & Levy management, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources and Payroll.

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In the new age of IT, there is an increased focus, and growing risk for all organisations due to ageing IT services and infrastructure that present risks associated with service disruption and outage, security risks and data compliance.

We have developed a number of core capabilities to support you to address these legacy risks and transition to a better supported and secure set of systems. 

Data is a valuable resource across industry, one of the biggest challenges we see is harnessing this data to derive optimal value through analytics and insight to enable business and operational improvements, and more informed decision making. 

We support our customers to put the foundations in place to be able to harness their data through our enterprise data model (EDM) where we consider the full end-to-end data lifecycle and put in place new processes to uplift and improve data quality and accuracy while supporting you to put the controls in place to make a long term use of data.

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Demand for digital systems continues to grow from users and departments need to provide these services for their citizens.

Sopra Steria have a rich history designing, developing and supporting digital systems for government and have taken countless systems through GDS assessments and into live service.

Sopra Steria provide a complete range of Consulting services to support both business and technical initiatives, helping solve complex challenges and identifying appropriate solutions. These services include: Strategic Advisory, Benefits Identification and Realisation Management, Business Case Development, Target Operating Model (TOM) Design, Hypothesis Led Solution Design, Technical Advisory and Feasibility Assessments, Digital Discovery and Service Design, Transition and Transformation planning and delivery (covering people, process, systems and technology) and Business Change.

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We’re proud to deliver a range of business support services and transformation to Government departments and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs as Sopra Steria and through our joint venture SSCL.

Sopra Steria and SSCL Clients

Department for Environment and Rural Affairs, Rural Payments Agency, Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, Natural England, Food standards agency,  Marine management organisation, The Scottish government Department for Environment and Rural Affairs, Rural Payments Agency, Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, Natural England, Food standards agency,  Marine management organisation, The Scottish government

Logos include; Department for Environment and Rural Affairs, Rural Payments Agency, Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, Natural England, Food Standards Agency,  Marine Management Organisation, The Scottish Government

Client Success Stories


For more than ten years, Sopra Steria has been a vital part of the Rural Payments Agency's (RPA) important work, making sure cattle inspections and payment schemes run smoothly. We collaborate closely with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, helping the RPA tackle challenges like keeping up service levels, cutting costs, and managing knowledge effectively.

Sopra Steria stepped in with a comprehensive solution. We provided essential support services, from fixing issues to solving problems, ensuring the stability of older applications. Our shared resources model allowed the RPA to flexibly bring in skilled help, reducing overall ownership costs. This not only helped the RPA but also had a direct positive impact on the rural economy by keeping operations going smoothly and setting the stage for modernisation. Our commitment shows in the low number of calls, high customer satisfaction scores, and consistent service level achievements, highlighting our dedication to supporting rural communities.

After a 25-year collaborative partnership, Sopra Steria was chosen to deliver a crucial strategic project, the migration of the Agriculture and Rural Economy’s (ARE) Livestock Inspection System (LIS) to the new middleware platform. This marks the first existing application moved into a new environment and is the result of many years of work on strategy, business cases and architecture consultancy, and delivery by ARE in collaboration with Sopra Steria and other key suppliers.

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Thought Leadership

Why employee engagement is a cornerstone to a sustainable future

Through collaboration across our organisation, we’re empowering our people to prioritise the environment, and make conscious choices to benefit the planet. 

Life at Sopra Steria

Meet the Experts: Our Environment and Sustainability Team

Our Environment and Sustainability team works across our UK family of businesses, leading our key programmes of work to reduce our environmental impact.

Life at Sopra Steria

Our three-step approach to achieving net zero

We recognise the global challenges we all face with climate change, and we’re committed to ensuring our organisation plays an active part in making the world a better place to live in.

Life at Sopra Steria

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