Innovation is imperative to providing a complete customer experience

The savings and deposits market in the UK has experienced significant change over recent years, including increasing customer expectations. Firms will need to embrace the opportunities from digital transformation, while delivering customer-centric services, in order to stay competitive.

The ability to engage differently with customers, across all of their preferred channels, at a time that suits them, is key to providing a well-rounded service. Engaging differently is often interpreted as engaging digitally. This isn’t necessarily the case. At Sopra Steria we embrace a ‘Digital First, But Not Always’ approach to our Business Process Services.

We believe that by building savings and deposits Business Process Services around the moments that matter, we can help you be there for your customers, balancing the need for digital engagement with the human touch.

The future of savings and deposits

Traditionally, lower complexity activities have been migrated offshore to global delivery centres in order to take advantage of cost savings. The outcome of this was a lower cost solution at the expense of a positive customer experience. Human interactions were often removed altogether, customer satisfaction reduced, and brand perception was negatively impacted.

Now, more than ever, customer centricity and the ‘human touch’ is of paramount importance. As the financial services sector looks to enhance its customer attraction and retention, we are working with savings and deposits organisations who are taking advantage of flexible services which can be scaled up and scaled down based on demand.

These services include building micro journeys in customer acquisition and onboarding new customers digitally, using a mobile app. Importantly, we understand that when someone needs to talk to a person it should be easy to reach out and engage.

We have a 40+ year history of working with Banks and Building Societies to design, develop and implement key customer satisfaction strategies, improve efficiency and ultimately, success.

Our Savings and Deposit Services

Scalable service offerings

By working with Sopra Steria to design and deploy Savings Business Process Services, Banks and Building Societies can take advantage of:

  • Bundled Platform and Service offerings
  • End to end savings and deposits services with efficiency embedded in the solution
  • Deploying the right implementation methodology with skilled resources
  • Standardising processes while enabling technology and process configuration to drive differentiation
  • Responding to unique and changing regulatory requirements

In turn they will be able to unlock a number of business and customer experience benefits including:

  • Innovative commercial models based on an outcome-based BPaaS model
  • Reduced time to market in terms of responding to customers and changing offers to meet changing market and regulatory demands
  • Reduced cost of ownership through improved process efficiency
  • Innovative licensing policy as part of BPaaS offering
  • Robotic and Cognitive Process Automation (RPA and CPA) to scale operations and reduce manual dependencies

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