Cyber Security

The Sopra Steria Cyber Security approach

At Sopra Steria, we understand the serious consequences cyber threats can bring, such as financial losses, reputational damage, and legal issues directly and to those who consume your services.

Our dedicated and experienced Cyber Security team operates with a keen awareness of the critical role security plays in today's digital landscape. With a growing reliance on digital technologies and interconnected systems, the need for strong, robust and trusted cyber security measures is more important than ever.

The Cyber Security team provides expertise and knowledge across recognised areas of information security concern within different industries. Engaging with our clients, we ensure they understand and manage the end-to-end risks to their data and business.

Services and Capabilities


The Cyber Security team consists of four pillars of expertise. The pillars are designed to engage independently or collectively to provide comprehensive security offerings.

Four Pillars of cyber security  Governance and Assurance, Security Architecture, Managed Security Services and Penetration Testing Four Pillars of cyber security  Governance and Assurance, Security Architecture, Managed Security Services and Penetration Testing

Four Pillars of Cyber Security;

  • Governance and Assurance
  • Security Architecture
  • Managed Security Services
  • Penetration Testing


Our experience working with a diverse range of customers, in both public and private sector, each with varying and complex requirements, enables us to deliver tailored solutions to meet our client’s specific security concerns and requirements.

Ranging from professional services producing security strategies, appropriate design and policy documentation to security testing and delivering managed security services. Our delivery approach ensures that your requirements are prioritised from the beginning of an engagement, allowing risks to be identified, mitigated or managed in a timely manner for a successful outcome.

We pride ourselves on providing security services that align seamlessly with your business strategy, working with your technology and infrastructure. With our assistance, you can stay ahead of cyber threats, safeguard your assets and ensure the smooth operation of your business in today’s modern world.



Sopra Steria’s Cyber Security practice delivers a blend of Governance and Assurance capabilities enabled through building and maintaining trusted relationships with clients. Our specialists provide security advice and recommendations, based on years of expertise and experience, to address client needs, enable assurance that implemented security controls are appropriate to mitigate identified risks, and that legal and regulatory requirements are understood and met. Analysing the security maturity of client organisations and assessing third party supplier security controls are also core components to providing stakeholder peace of mind.

Our team of highly experienced Security Architects help our clients embed Security by Design principles into their solutions, and are aligned to industry standard security architecture frameworks, such as SABSA. By taking a Risk Based Approach, where each of our clients have distinct requirements, our team ensures that our clients have a clear analysis of their current security controls and a target state they would like to be to get to, in order to address the challenges of an ever changing security landscape. We work closely with our clients to develop a secure Solution Architecture that can mitigate existing risks, strengthen their security posture, whilst supporting their strategic business goals and objectives.

Managed Security Services are essential for organisations to protect their assets, maintain operational resilience, and safeguard customer trust. By leveraging specialised expertise, advanced technologies, and proactive security measures, cybersecurity services can help organisations stay ahead of cyber threats and respond effectively to security incidents.

Security Operations Centre

SOC services are a proactive and reactive defence mechanism, providing continuous monitoring, incident response, threat intelligence analysis and support for compliance and regulatory requirements. Its critical role is to detect cyber threats and security incidents across our clients' digital assets and data to minimise the impact.

By adopting our SOC services, we can collaborate with clients to enable swift detection of potentially high-impact attacks across an organisation's entire landscape, providing regulatory and security reassurance during audits or assessments conducted by prospective clients or stakeholders.

Operational Security Management

Sopra Steria Operational Security Management is responsible for overseeing and managing a clients security posture, ensuring agreed security measures are implemented and monitored, responding to security incidents, ensuring new solutions and services adhere to agreed security policies, regulation and legal frameworks and evaluating the results of any security testing and managing effective risk response and remediation.

The Operational Security Manager will work closely with the client’s CISO and security teams to ensure the Security service fully supports the client’s security requirements.

Identify the weak spots in your defences with our Penetration Testing service. Whether it’s network, web application or wireless security, we offer a number of approaches that can be blended together to provide the assessment you need. Through precise scoping and planning, we provide robust testing against evolving threats. Our approach offers a comprehensive strategy to bolster your security posture and keep your business safe.

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