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Navigating complexity

The exciting UK aerospace industry is the largest in Europe, enjoying consistent growth in recent years. However, with the aircraft order backlog at an all-time high, stringent cost controls in place and the constant need to keep up with the introduction of new services, the challenges you face are multifarious – even before you consider increasing regulatory control, the combined management of new and legacy data, environmental impact and political uncertainty.

Sopra Steria’s expertise spans across the aerospace lifecycle, from conception to maintenance. When we support you we bring a full-picture view of your industry, mindful of the interconnections and dependencies that mean the difference between success and failure.


Digital Continuity for Operational Excellence

Set Sopra Steria the challenge

No matter how difficult your business issues seem, chances are we’ve solved something similar or equally challenging. Our experts are never fazed – they have a whole view of the market, run on best practice, and are always prepared to achieve your goals at speed.

As digital innovators, we specialise in the full spectrum of solutions, including cloud migration, cyber and digital security, data analytics, open source intelligence and robotics.

By taking a consultative approach, we leverage leading market and customer intelligence to deliver secure solutions that support your digital transformation programme. In short, our expertise and advanced methods mean we can solve almost any challenge. 

Our offerings


Our team offers high-quality, relevant engineering services to the aerospace industry, including aided design and design to cost.


We leverage global digital expertise in areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud, digital twin, IoT, product lifecycle management and robotics to streamline the manufacturing process.

Customer service

We help OEMs to improve the availability and operability of aircraft and reduce cost, through innovative maintenance systems. Interactions with the supply chain are safe in our hands, thanks to our secure collaboration credentials.

Digital Enablers

Global Delivery Network

Our global delivery network includes service centres in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and India, which meet response and cost requirements and satisfy safety obligations. This industrialisation allows for extensive flexibility in adapting to required changes in load plans, reducing cost and improving the quality of service to the satisfaction of business lines.

We have reached such a level of quality that whether the development is carried out in Toulouse or Noida, the difference is imperceptible.
Airbus Group



Horizontal Approach

We leverage our knowledge of other sectors to innovate in aerospace, having delivered services such as secure cloud transformation, service design, smart application modernisation, data analytics, cyber security, legacy system modernisation, data translation, digital workplace and unified communications and industry 4.0 in other highly-regulated, technology-driven environments.

Client Success Stories

Airbus - First flight of the A350 XW
The first flight of the new Airbus A350 XWB, on 14 June 2013, was widely hailed at this year’s Salon du Bourget air show. The Sopra Steria Aeroline teams played an active role in this success.

Airbus - Creating value from IT project management

Airbus IM partnered with Sopra Steria to supply a bundled project management service built around a catalogue of services including project management from initiation to completion, validation testing and acceptance.

Measuring suppliers’ performance towards industrial excellence
Sopra Steria Consulting collaborates with Airbus Procurement Operations to improve Airbus supply chain performance enabling its strategic suppliers and meeting its increased delivery commitment.


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