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Empowering organisations to drive sustainable change and achieve outstanding results, by shaping and delivering strategies that accelerate performance.

Everyone wants to stay ahead of the curve and achieve lasting value…

But how many can claim to be successful in their pursuit of these results? Introducing a new way of working is always a challenge, but a complex transformation programme requires close consultation. The issues around bridging the gap between legacy and new technology are well documented – but they’re also complicated and unique to every business. And with pressure to provide competitive and innovative customer experiences, introducing and maintaining compliant and secure processes can seem impossible. But it isn’t.

Sopra Steria gets straight to impact

Our level of talent and experience means we’re excellent problem solvers. We work smart and at pace to solve your challenges and deliver lasting value – allowing you to get to successful business outcomes faster.

We work closely with organisations to drive change and achieve outstanding results. We think outside the box to shape and deliver strategies that accelerate performance. And we combine fresh thinking and insight with a diverse mix of skills, experience and capability to design intelligent and innovative consulting solutions that deliver lasting value.

As forward-thinkers, we focus on your future, developing innovative solutions that incorporate new and exciting ways of working. We constantly monitor disruptive new technologies in the market, to see which are evolving and innovating at the fastest pace, so you can keep ahead. And we get great results because we work at pace to design and deliver pioneering customer-centric solutions with innovative commercial models that drive change.

In short, our people and approach seamlessly embed the cultural and behavioural changes needed to embrace innovative, highly disruptive technologies and support new ways of working in today’s digital world.

A trusted partner

Deliver lasting value

Our consultancy services and methodologies are proven to offer fast results and lasting value

End-to-end service offering

From planning through to implementation, we offer a seamless, end-to-end service that ensures we’re with you every step of the way

Release the potential of data and processes

We help you maximise your data and processes to enable value-driven transformation

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Identify the right tech

We quickly identify the right technology solutions that fit your business and the challenges you have and deliver transformation at the right pace, in agile and iterative cycles.

Close client relationships

We are an extension of your team, working closely with you to deliver change at a pace that suits your needs.

Client Stories



Looking Ahead to Customer Experience Design in 2019

As we get into the new year here’s a look ahead at some things I hope to see more of in Customer Experience Design during 2019.

The UK Consulting team attend Sopra Steria Consulting University 2018

Last week’s annual Consulting University in Paris was a huge success, with over 1500 Consultants from across Europe in attendance to hear from Executives about our vision for the future. Amongst the UK Consulting community were 20 Junior Consultants from our Graduate Programme. We recognise that our graduates are vital to the future success and the culture of Sopra Steria and we invest in providing them with experiences and networking opportunities that contribute to professional development.

A sneak peek inside a hothouse sprint week extravaganza

Most public and private sector leaders are acutely aware that they are supposed to be living and breathing digital: working smarter, serving people better, collaborating more intuitively. So why do front line realities so often make achieving a state of digital nirvana feel like just that: an achievable dream? The world is much messier and more complex for most organisations than they dare to admit, even internally. Achieving meaningfully digital transformation, with my staff/ customers/ deadlines/ management structure/ budgets? It’s just not realistic.

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