Borders and immigration

We are working with our clients to tackle some of their most complex challenges and helping them make the most of new innovations.

Whether it is re-imagining how travellers and goods securely get permission to come to the UK, how they travel across the border and how they interact with services once they are here.

We are constantly collaborating with our clients and our partners to design and deliver world-class solutions that meet their current and future ambitions.

Our strategic consulting and digital and technology capabilities, combined with 30 years of global border and immigration experience, mean that we are uniquely placed to support our clients.

Together, we strive to enhance security, transform border and immigration services, and deliver excellence and value for the public.


The future of contactless travel

Our innovative prototype hints at a future of contactless travel, demonstrating the ‘art of the possible’ for frictionless borders.

The UK eTraveller App demonstrates how passengers could securely complete their Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) from the comfort of their own homes, at a time which suits them.

The app handles passport scanning, facial recognition and fingerprint enrolment to create a unique digital record of the passenger’s identity that can be sent to the appropriate government authority to authorise travel.

Benefits include enhanced security of borders via improved and earlier identity checks and better targeting of high-risk cases, a seamless passenger journey, improved biosecurity and reductions in health risks for passengers and personnel.



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