As a key supplier to the Public Sector, Sopra Steria is listed across several frameworks in the UK. 

Following is the list of Frameworks through which Sopra Steria Ltd offers services and products to our public sector clients. 

G-cloud 13 (RM1557.13)

G-Cloud 13 helps customers in the UK public sector find and buy cloud computing services.

This Framework Agreement is for use by UK Public Sector bodies and allows them to choose and purchase cloud computing services covering infrastructure, platform, software, and specialist cloud services. The framework is for commodity-based, pay-as-you go cloud services grouped across three Lots: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support. 

Sopra Steria has been successfully in its application for Lot 1 – 3 providing 124 services.

Digital Outcomes 6 (RM1043.8)

The Digital Outcomes 6 (DO6) is a route to market to access agile development and user-centred design services to accelerate innovation within the public sector. This new agreement will run alongside RM6263 Digital Specialists and Programmes. Together they will replace RM1043.7 Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5.

Sopra Steria provides services on the following lots of this framework:

Lot 1: Digital Outcomes 

Access teams of 1 or more digital specialists who will provide outcome-based services under clearly defined pieces of work.

Digital Specialists and Programme (RM6263)

The Digital Specialists and Programme (DSP) Framework complements the future version of DOS (Digital Outcomes and Specialists), RM1043.8 Digital Outcomes 6.

The framework will assist buyers to find people with the full range of Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) skills needed for a digital transformation/capability project, or to supply individual DDaT staff to work as part of an existing team or new team you’re setting up.

Sopra Steria is one of the select group of suppliers who have been awarded a place on both lots on the framework.

Lot 1: Digital Programmes – Buyers can procure outcome-based services for their digital transformation project.

Lot 2: Digital Specialists - Buyers can find teams of digital specialists based on Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) role definitions that meet the skills and competencies in the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA).

The DSP Framework is currently live and expected to expire on 07th March 2024.


Technology Services 3 (RM6100)

Provides access to technology strategy and service design as well as services to provide support with moving to the operational running of an IT estate. It also provides support for large projects, up to top secret classification and a range of other technology services such as:

  • provision and management of IT service desk.

  • end user device support.

  • network support.

  • asset disposal and application maintenance. 

  • IT infrastructure support (for example, server and storage hardware).

Sopra Steria provides services across the following lots:   

Lot 1: Technology Strategy and Services Design:  For developing ICT strategy and service design. Everything from business capability assessments through to the specification of the applications and toolsets to deliver ICT services.

Lot 2: Transition and Transformation:  For implementing ICT strategy or services, site relocation or transition from your current services agreement, this lot provides all the transition and transformational activities required, including legacy service decommissioning.

Lot 3: Operational Services:  This lot is for all of operation service needs in four distinct service groupings:

- 3a - End User Services.

- 3b - Operational Management.

- 3c - Technical Management.

- 3d - Application and Data Management.

Lot 4: Major Services Transformation Programmes:  This lot has been modified for TS3. It recognises and reflects the complex nature of major service transformation and provides detailed governance and assurance to customers and suppliers.

Cloud Compute 2 (RM6292)

The Cloud Compute 2 framework shall enable all public sector organisations to fulfil their public cloud computing needs directly from cloud service providers and indirectly through resellers.

Cloud Compute 2 will mainly offer services that are related to:

  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).

Sopra Steria Ltd will provide services under the following lot –

  • Lot 2 – Value-added Ancillary Services.
  • Lot 3 – Professional Services.
  • Lot 4 – Cloud Secure+.

Management Consultancy Framework 3 (RM6187)

The Management Consultancy framework (MCF) provides a compliant, cost effective way for central government and the wider public sector to access a variety of consultancy advice. The Framework provides access to consultancy including business, strategy and policy, finance, human resources (HR), procurement, health/social care and community, infrastructure, and environment.

Sopra Steria Ltd currently provide services under the following lot:

Lot 5: HR.

Transport Technology & Associated Services (RM6099) 


The framework provides central government, UK wider public sector and UK Public sector Arm’s length bodies with transport related technology and replaces the previous Traffic Management Technology 2 framework. 

Sopra Steria Ltd currently provide services under the following lots:

Lot 1: Transport Professional Services: For the provision of transport engineering and design services.

Lot 4: Transport Data Services: For the provision of transport engineering and design services.

Lot 6: Major Transport SolutionsFor the provision of sustainable transport technologies (such as Clean Air Zone and Carbon Net Zero initiatives, environmental monitoring equipment and electric vehicle charging solutions).

Lot 7: CatalogueFor the provision of transport gate systems (hardware and software).

Back Office Software (RM6194) 


The framework provides all central government departments, arm’s length bodies, devolved administrations, the wider public sector and third sector organisations the ability to purchase software including SaaS, as well as support and maintenance and contract renewals for existing software. 



This framework provides all back-office functions including: 

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – the ability to provide an integrated suite of business applications.

  • Human Capital Management (HCM) – a set of practices related to people resource management.

  • finance.

  • customer relationship management. 

  • procurement and sourcing portals. 

  • workflow technologies.

  • content management.

  • integration software.

Back Office Software (BOS) is ideal for customers who need to have a clear split between a contract with a software provider and the supplier providing professional services. 

Software Design and Implementation Services (RM6193) 


Software Design and Implementation Services (SDIS) provides specialist support for implementing new cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. ERP is the ability to provide an integrated suite of business applications. 

This agreement also covers services for implementing a range of enterprise software and upgrading legacy IT systems. 

More detailed examples of the areas in scope are: 

  • enterprise architecture. 

  • business case support.

  • configuration and testing. 

  • system integration.

  • implementation.

  • data cleansing and migration. 

  • change management.

  • training.

  • on-boarding. 

  • application management support. 

This agreement is ideal for customers who need to have a clear split between a contract with a software provider and the supplier providing professional services. 

Cyber Security Services 3 (RM3764.3)


This dynamic purchasing system (DPS) is available to all UK central government departments, wider public sector organisations and charities. The services available fall under the following categories:

  • NCSC assured services: data destruction and IT sanitisation, the process of removing data so it cannot be accessed.
  • consultancy and advice: including
    • risk assessment and management.
    • audit and reviews.
    • security architecture.
    • certification.
    • training.
    • policy.
    • security specialists.
    • supply chain analysis.
    • cyber transformation.
    • security strategy.
  • penetration testing: including the NSCS assured service CHECK and IT health check.
  • incident response: incident management including cyber incident response, disaster recovery, threat intelligence and business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR).
  • managed security services: including crest accredited Security Operations Centre (SOC) and managed detection and response.


Learning and Training Services DPS (RM6219)


This Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) provides training services to UK public sector bodies, the wider public sector (WPS) and the third sector. 



This agreement also forms part of the Workforce Alliance portfolio, providing an additional access route for NHS customers. 

There are four distinct service routes that you can choose to further help you with the supplier selection process. These are: 

Standard off the shelf training 

Ad hoc off-the-shelf training courses and professional qualifications. These are only provided by the training provider (no aggregators / sub-contractors). 

Bespoke training 

Sourcing specialist or tailored training courses and small scale ad hoc learning needs across all subject areas. This includes the design and provision of specialist / niche training programmes. 

Learning technologies 

The design, build, supply, and development of learning technologies. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • new Learning Management Systems / Learning Experience Platforms.

  • the integration of existing Learning Systems / Platforms.

Education services 

This provision is for public sector funded programmes targeted to provide skills to the general public (those in education, unemployed, or in full time employment). 

Digital and Technology Services 2.0


The DPS will support and be an enabler for a number of digital initiatives, specifically " Scotland's Digital Strategy, 'Realising Scotland's full potential in a digital world" and provide access to a range of digital technology skills, including cyber expertise, as well as supporting the delivery of agile projects. 



The service is split into three lots: 

Lot 1: Digital technology projects. 

Lot 2: Digital technology resources.

Lot 3: Cyber security services. 

The Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the provision of digital technology service is now live. 

Crown Commercial Service - Debt Resolutions Services Framework (RM6226)

Sopra Steria has been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s Debt Resolution Services framework – Managed Collections (Lot 1). The framework is designed to bring together a range of debt collection and data services into a single commercial agreement. Debt resolution services (DRS) is aligned with the cross-government debt management strategy, which aims to provide a more consistent and integrated approach, improving capability, ensuring taxpayers money is spent in the most efficient and effective way.

Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. In 2020/21, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits equal to £2.04bn - supporting world-class public services that offer best value for taxpayers.

National Highways Operational Technology Commercial Framework (OTCF)

The OTCF will be the primary commercial vehicle to support the delivery of the National Highways RIS2 (and beyond) technology pipeline and to meet the strategic aims of National Highways.

Sopra Steria has been awarded a place on the following lot: 

Lot 4: Operational Systems (Services).

National Highways Information Technology Commercial Framework (ITCF)

Launched alongside the operational technology commercial framework (OTCF), the ITCF and OTCF will be vehicles to support the delivery of Highways England’s RIS2 technology pipeline and to meet the strategic aims of Highways England.

Sopra Steria has been awarded a place on the following lots: 

  • Lot 1: Asset Management Systems (goods and services). 
  • Lot 2: Corporate Systems (goods and services).  
  • Lot 3: Architectural Services and Design (services).  
  • Lot 4: System/Software Development Lifecycle (services).  
  • Lot 5: Cyber Security and Data Protection (services).  
  • Lot 6: Digital and Data (services).  
  • Lot 7: Infrastructure and Platform Design (services). 
  • Lot 8: Service Management and Transition (services).  
  • Lot 9: Business Engagement (services).  
  • Lot 10: Strategy, Transformation and Performance (services).  
  • Lot 11: Delivery (services). 
  • Lot 12: IT Commercial, Procurement & Financial (services).  
  • Lot 16: Infrastructure and Platform (services).