Success through our people; strong through our diversity.

Sopra Steria is a people business.  Our success depends on our employees, and our workplace sustainability programme enables each and every individual to be the best they can be

We’re only as good as our people – so we put them at the heart of what we do.  Happy employees make a business successful, so we listen to our people carefully, and engage them proactively.  And in a world where mental health and people’s rights are now discussed openly, we’re here to ensure our people are as happy and healthy as they can be in every regard.   


How we make our people happier  

  • We encourage flexible working  

  • We offer an Employee Forum

  • Our Learning Hub enables employees to pick up new skills

  • We offer an extended learning programme – the Summer of Learning 

  • Our focus is on a healthy work/life balance 

  • We’re positioned within the top 9% globally for human rights, labour standards, protection of the environment and anti-corruption as part of the United Nations Global Compact


Working long hours doesn’t always mean getting more work done, and we’re very aware of the negative short- and long-term effects on people’s health.  The well-being of our people is fundamental to everything inside and out of work.   

Therefore, we promote a healthy work/life balance, and, if people need greater flexibility, we work with them to resolve any issues they may have.  We are always looking for new ways to listen and look after our employees.

Learning and development  

Our dedicated Learning Hub allows our people to take ownership of their own development.  We’re part of a digital age, so the skills needed are constantly changing.  That’s why we have a wide range of programmes and webinars that can equip our people with the new skills they need.   

We’ve also applied our expertise in digital innovation to employee well-being to produce our very own Mentorship app.  This enables staff to connect with each other and find a mentor or become a mentee.  

Equality, diversity and inclusion  

We have a dedicated Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager whose job is to establish and maintain a working environment that’s free from discrimination – someone who values all employees as unique individuals.

We embrace difference as a source of creativity, innovation and competitive advantage and welcome applications from people with a diverse variety of backgrounds and identities.  We are committed to equality of opportunity for all and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or marital status.  

Not Just IT

Words and pictures are not enough to describe today, I have been privileged to witness something very special indeed.

An early start for an experience of a lifetime

On Wednesday Kim and I had an early start; our taxi took us to the airport at 5am, so we were both up at 4am – 11.30pm UK time!

Our first day – One we’ll both never forget.

Today was a very emotional day for both Kim and myself; we visited the Shri Ghanshyam Sharma Memorial High School, Uttar Pradesh. One of the schools supported by Sopra Steria.

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