Focusing on the ethics of our business, employees,
partners and suppliers

Sustainability in the Marketplace is a matter of economic sustainability: our own profitability but also the sustainability of the local, national and global economies. Our dual focus in the Marketplace covers:

  • Business ethics:ensuring we conduct our business in compliance with the law and ethical standards, including those described in the UN Global Compact (to which we are a signatory) and our own Code of Ethics. All employees are required to read and follow the guidelines in the Sopra Steria Code of Ethics.

  • Partners and suppliers:
    • Improving the sustainability of local economies and finding new sources of innovation by working with a diverse range of suppliers, including those in our local communities, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), businesses owned by minorities and women, or businesses with a social mission
    • Selecting suppliers and partners who demonstrate a commitment to improving the economic, social and environmental sustainability of their own operations by using Sustainable Procurement methodologies and continually engaging our partners in sustainability topics

Working with SMEs

Sopra Steria is committed to maintaining a diverse supply chain, in which organisations of all sizes, with diverse ownership and different business models can compete fairly for our business opportunities.

Our vision for working with SMEs is:

  • To develop an SME approach that:
    • ŸTakes into consideration the lower tolerance SME’s have for costly pre-sales and procurement processes, and long payment terms (Sopra Steria is a signatory to the Prompt Payment Code (PPC), which sets standards for payment best practice)
    • ŸIs cost-effective and lean
    • ŸEnables Sopra Steria to access innovative products and services for itself and its customers
  • To embed partnerships with SMEs within our sustainability programme:
    • ŸDemonstrates Sopra Steria is providing genuine value to SMEs
    • ŸIncludes SMEs in the local communities we work in/our customers work in
    • ŸIncludes diverse suppliers
  • To be open and accountable, including reporting to all our stakeholders on how we are engaging with SMEs