Ensuring we stay focused on sustainability

At Sopra Steria we’re integrating sustainable thinking and implementing sustainable solutions in everything we do. We have signed the 10 UN Global Compact principles and, as an IT and Business Process Services company, feel  particularly responsible for promoting the Compact’s ninth principle: to encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

Internally, our teams of ‘green champions’ work hard to ensure that our commitment to tackling the challenge of climate change is active at every level. We regularly inform all employees about our strategy, commitment, plans and progress, and ensure we listen to their ideas and feedback.

Encouraging sustainability

We're encouraging sustainability, obtaining and exceeding ISO14001 requirements, cutting our carbon footprint by 50% over a twelve year period (we have achieved 32% over the first four year period) and developing specialist services that help our clients to become more sustainable: Sustainability Consulting, Energy Management, Smart Transport and Green IT. We are also embedding sustainable thinking and leadership into all our bids, tenders and proposals.

We’re moving towards a more sustainable purchasing policy and sharing best ‘sustainable’ practice with suppliers, clients and partners. Furthermore, we collaborate with industry, trade and professional bodies on environmental sustainability. Major company-wide initiatives are particularly important to our environmental performance:

  • Living Green (International CSR & Green Apple Awards winner 2013): this helps everyone at Sopra Steria contribute personally to a more sustainable world. Key elements include behavioural change to embrace sustainability, smarter recycling and the use of conferencing technologies to reduce business travel
  • ISO14001 certification: already certified in Poland, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, France, India, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. We have also externally verified our emission processes and numbers to ISO14064-3 in UK and India
  • Business travel management: we have been carbon-neutral in our air and road travel since January 2010, and provide a 'Cycle-to-Work' scheme
  • Energy management: the success of our highly effective Energy Payment and Analysis Service (EPAS) solution developed for two of our clients, has led to us using it in our own business. We have been carbon neutral for data centre energy since January 2013
  • Supply Chain Management: as our supply chain is a significant part of our emission, we are focusing on our key suppliers to understand their challenges and work to make them more sustainable
  • Waste Management: we are ensuring our electronic and general waste arrangements fully support our environmental objectives and minimise any impact
  • Against a 2008 baseline, our global emissions reduced by 48% by end of 2014 and they are on track to exceed set target of 50% by 2020
  • Energy savings of over €1.3 million per annum with a 10.8GWh reduction in consumption from the 2008 baselineTravel Savings: €350k in Air Travel alone in 2013 compared to the 2008 baseline
  • Green/Sustainability Solutions to Clients: IT has immense power to improve business processes in a way that significantly reduces our clients’ carbon footprint and make them more sustainable operations –  and we consistently support them in this

Carbon neutral

Sopra Steria is proud to be in the top 1% of all companies across the world in tackling climate change and managing our carbon emissions.

  • We are delighted to have achieved CarbonNeutral® business travel and CarbonNeutral® data centre certification, both of which recognise the growing environmental impact of IT services and customers’ need for solutions which reduce emissions within their value chain
  • In addition to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) that we use to report our performance internally and externally, we participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP - an international NGO that provides the only global environmental disclosure system). We are pleased to have scored 98% and received an ‘A- rating' from the Carbon Disclosure Project 2012, the highest performance for our market sector worldwide. In 2013 and 2014, we further asserted our leadership in managing Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability, by achieving a score of 100 in information disclosure and an “A” for our performance in the CDP Investor for Climate Change and Sustainability programme