Ensuring we stay focused on sustainability

We are committed to using technology and business disciplines to drive environmental sustainability, in our business, that of our customers, and in our supply chain. We are proud to be a part of the transformation to a sustainable, low-carbon, low-waste, circular economy.

We are recognised as world leaders for our commitment to environmental sustainability, for continually innovating and helping to shape the global sustainability agenda through pioneering programmes and engagement and partnership with leading organisations.


Climate Change, Energy & Emissions

Sopra Steria is proud to be in the top 1% of all companies across the world in tackling climate change and managing our emissions – click here to find out more.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain contributes a significant part of our emissions, our Supplier Code of Conduct requires suppliers to measure their carbon footprints, and we work with them to take steps to reduce them.

Work with Clients

Our sustainability consulting services and technology solutions help customers meet their environmental objectives.


Sopra Steria’s significant and continuing carbon reductions make it a low-carbon digital transformation company on the cutting-edge of the low-carbon economy.  Our triple CarbonNeutral® certifications take our commitment to fighting climate change further by offsetting all emissions from our offices, data centres and business travel, effectively making us a CarbonNeutral® provider.

Zero Waste and the Circular Economy

We are committed to being a part of the emerging circular economy, where we use resources  for as long as possible, and pass them on for further use elsewhere where we can.  We are working towards a “zero waste to landfill” ambition.”

ISO14001 and ISO14064-3

We manage our environmental impacts using an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified to ISO14001:2015.  Our greenhouse gas emissions accounts are verified according to the ISO14064-3 standard.

Low-carbon & Carbon Neutral

We are triple CarbonNeutral® certified taking our commitment to fighting climate change further by offsetting all emissions from our offices, data centres and business travel, effectively making us a CarbonNeutral® provider. 


Biodiversity makes human life possible. We support the health of insects, plants and animals in our areas by planting pollinator-friendly plants, installing bird boxes and feeders, and bat boxes, for example

Climate change, energy & emissions

Environmental issues, and particularly climate change, present some of the biggest economic and societal challenges we’ve ever faced.  We know that we can have a positive impact on not only our own, but also our clients’ environmental footprints: technology – specifically digital technology – has a major role to play in improving environmental sustainability and fighting climate change.

Our carbon reduction targets have been approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative, an internationally recognised initiative offering mathematical models for identifying the environmental footprint of activities, to set ourselves ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

Business Travel

We use remote working technologies, such as video conferencing and online collaboration tools, which reduce the need for business travel, and we encourage employees to choose more sustainable forms of transport by offering travel plans with sustainable transport options.

Office and Data Centre Energy Consumption

We are committed to continually improving the energy efficiency of our buildings, reducing demand, as well as purchasing our energy from zero-carbon renewable services.

Green Gas

We procure Green Gas – renewable power from biomethane, backed up by Green Gas certificates - for heating our head office,  and are one of the only companies in the UK to do so.

Sustainable Procurement & Supply Chain

We are committed to choosing energy efficient IT equipment and more sustainable products in general We work with our suppliers to ensure they continue to improve their environmental credentials.