DigiLab London

Exploring the technologies that are shaping our future

DigiLab London is the home of Sopra Steria's horizon scanning team

At DigiLab London we explore the digital technologies that are shaping our future. It's a stimulating and engaging space that enables us to examine the ideas of tomorrow and relate them to the way we work today.

Sopra Steria's DigiLab network

DigiLab London is part of a wider network of DigiLab projects found in Sopra Steria locations around the world. Though each DigiLab supports its own unique aims our teams work together to share ideas, demonstrators and materials to showcase the best of thinking from Sopra Steria around the globe and to provide the best possible experience for our clients and partners.

We are based in Sopra Steria’s Holborn office in London, EC1N 2TD.

What is DigiLab London about?

At DigiLab London, we've created an open platform for collaboration and innovation. We use the space to show and tell each other about exciting new technologies, to initiate new thinking in an atmosphere where we work together to create something truly amazing.

What are our three key pillars of methodology?

DigiLab inspiration


The DigiLab offers a showcase environment open to colleagues, clients and partners alike to demonstrate examples of disruptive technologies and processes to inspire and educate participants

DigiLab investigation


Enabling participants to consider how new technologies and processes can transform their business. The DigiLab offers a safe environment to discuss and test new ideas and a place to prototype new solutions with the help of industry experts to facilitate the discussion


DigiLab ideation


Helping participants to use their DigiLab experience to initiate new solutions. Once we have an idea which we have investigated in the DigiLab we will then set our sights on how we can make this idea a reality

Structured problem-solving

DigiLab data maturity modelExploring new technology is only the beginning of what we do in DigiLab. Understanding how we can make it a reality is what it is all about. We use tools like our Digital Maturity Model to structure our thinking and plan for the future.

Our Digital Maturity Model provides a framework to analyse and understand Digital Maturity and how different areas relate to each other to affect overall maturity. The model is designed to work on our 4k touch screen, allowing groups of people to interact with the model, drilling into individual stakeholder areas and deciding together what is holding them back and how we can move forward to a greater level of maturity.

What does a DigiLab event look like?

Our DigiLab events are characteristically hands-on and outcome-focused. A typical DigiLab event is comprised of four steps:

Step 1: Preparatory meeting with client/account team to identify business challenges
Step 2: DigiLab showcase of relevant disruptive technology/use cases
Step 3: Facilitated structured problem-solving/ideation activity
Step 4: Action planning

What are we interested in?

Interacting with services and each other through ubiquitous devices and data driven experiences

Flexible, distributed, collaborative and networked organisations

A crowded, ageing, more connected and fluid planet

The increase in the application of prescriptive analytics and automation to augment or displace human activity

The growth of sensing and interface technologies that make interactions between humans and computers more fluid, intuitive and pervasive


The growth of decentralised processes enabled by the adoption of technologies which assure and automate security and trust




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DigiLab is based in Sopra Steria’s Holborn office in London, EC1N 2TD. If you want to book a DigiLab session, contact us by email.