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Sopra Steria commissions research with leading market analysts to discover how today's key hot topics and pressure points are impacting our marketplace, our clients and our clients' customers - and what they may need to do to overcome barriers to make changes to improve their efficiency and competitive advantage.


January 2018: The Citizen View of Government Digital Transformation - 2017 Findings

Digital technologies are fundamentally changing the way we live, work and interact with each other. They are providing unprecedented opportunities for governments, enabling them to radically transform their complex bureaucracies to become more agile, innovative and user focussed. 

Sopra Steria’s latest research confirms that digital is at the heart of government transformation. The adoption of digital technologies in government is bringing substantial benefits to the economy and society.

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November 2017: Engaging Generation Me: Competitive advantage through employee experience

In a survey of almost 500 chief executives, directors, managers and non-managerial employees, 51% say they believe their organisations invest less effort in the employee experience than the customer experience. Two thirds of CEOs and directors surveyed have not appointed a Head of Employee Experience or someone with specific accountability for employee experience, and more than half admit they don’t have a clear employee experience strategy in place in their organisations – squandering the opportunities to have a more engaged, energised and productive workforce.

Our research, in association with Management Today, suggests greater flexible working and career development are the factors most likely to enhance employee experience – yet employers appear slow to understand and implement the automation, analytics and other technologies that can facilitate these improvements.

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November 2017: A world shaped by Predictive Analytics: A day in the life in 2025

In association with business media company Marketforce, we commissioned research to understand the implications of a world where smart machines speak to one another to minimise risk, disruption and inconvenience. We surveyed over 350 senior executives representing customer-facing organisations, both large and small, across a wide range of industries, including transport, travel & hospitality, retail, technology, media & telecoms, utilities & energy and financial services. The results show a high degree of confidence that today’s emergent applications of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will, in less than a decade, be commonplace, radically changing our world forever

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March 2017: Citizen view of the digital transformation of Government

We asked the researchers at Ipsos to conduct a survey of 1000 people, from a broad range of social groups and across the United Kingdom, to understand their experience of and expectations for digital government.

As a partner of government, working with them to deliver technology enabled business change, we wanted a better understanding of the complex and diverse reasons behind adoption of digital government services, where there is an appetite for more or better services and the obstacles that block greater adoption. The same survey took place in France, Germany and Norway. As a result we can compare how citizens in the UK experience digital with others across Europe and assess alternative approaches.

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June 2017: Government Digital Trends Survey 2015-2017

In 2015, Sopra Steria commissioned Dods Research to ask civil servants a series of questions about digital transformation, its impact on their work and the services they provide. This is the third consecutive year that we have undertaken the Government Digital Trends Survey. The results provide insight into how digital is understood, the benefits realised and obstacles to overcome. In this report we draw out changes and trends across those three years.

We have listened to the views of nearly 4,500 civil servants, and the information they have provided continues to reveal the enablers and barriers to change across Whitehall and beyond.

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June 2016: Digital Transformation: Lessons learned from early initiatives

In a survey by analysts Kable commissioned by Sopra Steria, 84% of UK enterprises surveyed believe that they could be making better use of digital technology to transform their organisation.

Our digital research findings are based on primary interviews with over 120 FTSE500 organisations and identifies their digital priorities, the tools, technologies and approaches used to meet these priorities and the barriers to success. Read the findings here...

November 2016: How to become an analytics powered enterprise: Key insights from the early adopters

Only 12% of organisations are truly exploiting their value of their data. Research from Computing and Sopra Steria surveyed 120 senior decision makers to examine how organisations are approaching and succeeding in their Data & Analytics initiatives. Our exploration included the priorities of FTSE 500 organisations, what aspect of Data & Analytics creates the most value, the key to success and how you can achieve more.

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