Pioneering digital working for the French Government with ClaudIA

Ministry of Finance (MoF)
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As part of the French Government’s ongoing transformation, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) replaced its diverse information systems with a single solution – Chorus. The MoF asked its Finance Information Systems Agency, AIFE, to implement this ambitious digital programme using a phased delivery program to minimise disruption.


The challenge

France has set itself an ambitious target of achieving 100% electronic invoices for public administrations by 2020. Large organisations with more than 5,000 employees began e-invoicing using a dedicated Chorus portal in 2017. Smaller companies with fewer employees are being introduced to Chorus during 2018/19 with the final phase due (10 employees and less) by 2020. Change of this size and scale has generated significant support calls – which are expected to grow significantly as the service ramps up.


The solution

We have a long track record of supporting the French Government’s transformation journey and are one of several trusted partners supporting the Chorus programme. With responsibility for digitising customer contact, previously only handled by phone, our AI and Experience Design teams developed a chatbot (ClaudIA) based on IBM Watson technology, using our Botify Kit digital platform for Virtual Assistants to handle all development and deployment.


The results

ClaudIA answered 4,400 calls after just the first week in production mode. A V2 version was deployed and quickly began handling around 34,000 conversations per month. ClaudIA is able to respond to almost 400 different topics and is continually learning and improving. Key outcomes include:

  • Reduced costs achieved by moving from 50:50 automated responses to 80:20
  • Capacity to scale up and grow the operation
  • A better, faster service available 24/7
  • Context aware responses using data from other systems





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