Tech as a force for good – celebrating Community Day

by Sarah Thake - Senior Sustainability Consultant
| minutes read

In times of crisis, communities come together and this year has been no exception. Today we are celebrating our global Sopra Steria Community Day and the local communities in which we work, live and contribute to.

Sopra Steria’s Community Day is an annual event, and this year’s celebration feels particularly monumental. We are immensely proud of our organisation and our people’s dedication to helping one another and our communities.

Our established Tech For Good programme has meant we have a long-standing history of making a difference in the UK, and the pandemic has been a catalyst in inspiring us to want to do more.


Through the programme we aim to make business and technology a force for good by:

  • improving social mobility
  • driving inclusive economic growth
  • and promoting diversity

In turns this provides our people with skills-based volunteering opportunities that:

  • Improve digital inclusion
  • Give access to education, skills and employment
  • Drive entrepreneurship and innovation


Our newest community - launching our Tech for Good Hub

As part of our pledge to invest in our communities, today we are launching our new Tech for Good hub. This is a new digital platform that will enable our people to set up their own volunteering and fundraising activities for charities they care about.

They will also be able to engage in activities such as company-wide charity hackathons or offer their time to provide virtual mentorship for young people from disadvantaged communities. A community in itself, we are excited about the impact the hub will have on our people, the charities we support and the partner organisations we work with.


Helping our communities and charities on the frontline

As part of celebrating Community Day, we would like to recognise the incredible efforts our people have gone to in supporting those in need throughout the pandemic.

Over four months we mobilised the biggest fundraising effort in the shortest amount of time in our organisation’s history, raising a staggering £22,000. And our Tech for Good hub will allow us build on this momentum, with a fully integrated approach to raising much needed funds for charities across the UK.

Throughout the pandemic we have been running free training courses for several charities - offering Microsoft Teams training and modules on cyber security and resilience. Charities have not only in many cases been on the front line of the pandemic response, they are also arguably the most at risk of cybercrime, as well as not being properly set up for remote working.

As an established partner of ELATT -  a digital skills charity that provides education and qualification to London’s most under-served people, we have continued to support them throughout the pandemic, by providing their students with a digital mentorship programme. Our graduates have been working with students virtually, offering advice, support and insight into the world of work.

We have also been a part of Micro-Tyco Innovate at Home, a digital home learning initiative for kids around the world to learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and innovation; with a competition to come up with ideas to help people being affected by COVID-19.


Evolving our community programme

Throughout the rest of 2020 and beyond, we will build on, enhance, and adapt our programme so it remains a continued force for good in a post-pandemic world.

From xxx we will be offering work experience digitally to under-served young people. Meaning we will be opening up opportunities and making valuable work experience accessible to capable young people, regardless of their background. 

We will see an expansion of our established digital mentoring programme with ELATT - supporting more students with studies and helping them prepare for the world of work. 

We will continue to support more charities digitally, particularly with remote working tools, and by helping them to stay safe and secure online.

Through our Sopra Steria India foundation, which supports 70,000 children through school and funds 10 full university scholarships each year, we will continue to ensure future generations receive an education they otherwise may not have had.

On Community Day, and ahead of National Day of Charity this weekend, we are taking this opportunity to pledge our continued focus and commitment to giving back to our communities and making a difference to people’s lives.