Transform your Finance function

Redefining the Finance function

  •  Is your Finance function focussed more on operational firefighting and repetitive tasks?
  • Is it perceived as a blocker to growth rather than contributing to value creation?

If so. Sopra Steria, the No1 provider of Purchase to Pay (P2P) Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services in the UK and Europe, can help.

Sopra Steria has over 20 years expertise in transforming finance functions working with clients such as BT, BBC, Cleveland Police, Telefonica O2 and Whitbread.

We also run two of the UK’s largest Finance & Accounting shared services, NHS Shared Business Services our joint venture with the Department of Health and SSCL our independent joint venture with Central Government.

We understand your issues

There are a number of issues that today’s Finance Departments face:

Business issues

  • Struggle to get a ‘single view of the truth’ that links Finance and other Business Management Information together.
  • Finance team are widely perceived by the rest of the organisation as being reactive rather than proactive.
  • Finance team’s goals seem to be focussed on transactional efficiency rather than effectiveness.

Technology issues

  • Legacy systems and processes are in need of ‘refresh’ but struggle to compete with other priorities for IT resources.

We can help

 Sopra Steria deploys end to end Finance Transformation solutions from advisory consultancy, discreet solutions leveraging our Business Process Services (BPS) and Systems Integration heritage through to our full BPS offering including the opportunity utilise our shared service centres.

Our entry consultancy offering includes a Finance Maturity Assessment (FMA) which provides a focussed review of your capabilities and drives out your Finance Transformation project tailored to your specific prioritised needs. Within your project Steria can provide further assistance through our offerings in:

  • Lean based process re-engineering including specialist controls reviews and ensuring that your Finance Team have an embedded continuous improvement culture
  • P2P solutions including specialised Procurement, Analytics and e-invoicing solutions
  • Finance ERP including Oracle, SAP, Sopra + Payment solutions
  • Other end point solutions across our full BPS capabilities
  • Customer care consultancy targeted at ensuring that Finance functions deliver what is required for both your business and internal customers including full customer journey mapping

Sopra Steria value proposition

Sopra Steria’s Finance Transformation brings a number of key benefits:

  • Effective Transformation from operational fire-fighting to strategic leadership
  • Measurable and sustainable operational improvements
  • Increased customer satisfaction for both internal and external customers
  • Improved Management Information at the centre of the financial management model
  • Proactive benefits realisation

What makes us different?

  •  Our proven FMA methodology allows us to quickly understand your current situation and challenges
  • We will work with you, and your team, to identify a strategic vision for the Finance Division based on our “Future of Finance” target operating model and produce the associated project plan and business case
  • We will proactively support your team through the execution of this plan and delivery of the benefits
  • We can bring to bear our extensive experience in helping other clients addressing similar issues through our Reference-based case studies
  • In their Global BPO Market Forecast: 2013-2017 Nelson Hall rank us as:

What do we do?

Through our Finance Transformation services we will quickly help you to understand how your Finance function is operating and its challenges. Our Finance Maturity Assessment will help you to develop a strategic vision for your Finance function, and we can work with you to develop the change plan and business case. Sopra Steria can also support you in the execution of the plan and in delivering the benefits.

Why are we different?

  • We will take you on a planned journey with our delivery focused pragmatic Finance Consulting Team
  • We offer excellent IT change and delivery capability for both ERP and wider systems integration requirements
  • Sopra Steria has market leading Finance & Accounting business expertise, frameworks and models
  • Our methodology assesses your position against best in class target operating models (developed from the APQC Benchmark for Best in Class and our wider experience with many Blue Chip clients)

What benefits do we provide?

  • Transform Finance to put it at the heart of the business
  • Improve Management Information