Sopra Steria Water Policy

 Purpose/What does it do?

This Policy is a subsidiary of the Environment Policy and applies the purpose of that Policy to water.

Scope/ Applicability

This policy applies to all of Sopra Steria UK.

Responsibility and Organisation

This Policy inherits the principles of responsibility and organisation of its parent policy, the Environmental  Policy and applies them to activities associated with the management and use of water.


Sopra Steria believes that, as is an office-based business that does not operate any processes that consume water, its consumption of water is modest and its environmental impact is not significant.

Nevertheless, the company recognises that its office in Hemel Hempstead, for example, is in a water-stressed area, where over- extraction of water causes depletion of chalk streams with a consequent effect on wildlife and the natural environment.

It also recognises that water is used to manufacture and deliver the goods and services that it procures, and so its “water footprint” extends far beyond that of the premises that it occupies and uses.

For this reason Sopra Steria remains aware of and committed to the need to minimise consumption of water and avoid polluting it.

It does this by:

  • Measuring and monitoring consumption of water, and reporting it in appropriate channels
  • Managing water usage and improving its efficiency where practical
    • Considering water efficiency in its water-consuming fittings
    • Avoiding the waste of water by
      • ensuring that water-consuming devices are turned off when they are not being used and
      • checking for leaks regularly and routinely and repairing them quickly
    • Engaging employees in the need to use water efficiently and to avoid wasting it
    • Investing in projects to improve the efficiency of water use across the Sopra Steria portfolio
  • Avoiding contamination of discharges by, for example, using only biodegradable cleaning agents
  • Avoiding pollution of groundwater by checking for leaks in fuel tanks regularly and ensuring that they are contained
  • Considering ways of reusing non-mains water, particularly rainwater and boiler condensate

Policy Approved by:










John Neilson


Deputy CEO UK and UK Board Sponsor for Sustainability






Policy Issued by: Avinash Lunj