Sopra Steria Sustainability policy


   Sopra Steria believes that long-term value comes from seeing success as a part of a bigger picture, encompassing people, the economy and the environment. By incorporating good principles and recognized standards of sustainability into all aspects of our business we will create more value for our customers, be a part of more sustainable economies and communities, have more engaged employees, forge better relationships with our other stakeholders and differentiate ourselves from our competitors. For these reasons, we seek to align our strategy, objectives, policies and practices with the highest standards of sustainability.

Our objective is therefore to integrate the principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability throughout our business in order to achieve measurable financial and sustainability success. We will do this by focusing on four business areas: Community, Environment, Marketplace and Workplace.

This document summarises our commitment and objectives.


This policy is applicable to all of Sopra Steria UK.

Responsibility and Organisation

Management within Sopra Steria has specific responsibility for policy development, coordination and evaluation of performance.

This Sustainability Policy will be maintained and upheld by all managers in order to meet its commitments and to promote and sustain the Company’s reputation for high standards of sustainability throughout its business activities. To this end information in relation to the sustainability activities of the Company shall form part of its statutory and voluntary reporting.

Sopra Steria will provide the necessary training and support to all employees to ensure they understand and are able to fulfil the relevant aspects of the policy in their day-to-day work. The policy shall be displayed on the company’s UK internal and external websites, and will be further publicised internally using corporate communications and our employee induction process.


Sopra Steria bases its sustainability work on externally recognised standards and guidelines for sustainability – especially the United Nations Global Compact, to which it is signatory – as well as on its own expertise and experience in managing sustainability in its business. The Company is committed to principles of sustainability which draw on these standards, guidelines, and experience, and organises them according to four “pillars” of business, and three underlying principles of good governance, engagement and transparency, and continual improvement.

  • Sustainability in the Workplace, including human and labour rights, including ensuring against Modern Slavery; equality, diversity, inclusion and fairness; employee engagement and professional development; and employee wellbeing
  • Sustainability in the Marketplace, including helping customers and suppliers to improve sustainability, adopting ethical business practices, and supporting economic development
  • Sustainability in the Community, including working to understand local communities’ economic, social and environmental concerns, investing in local communities, and supporting employees’ community and charitable efforts
  • Environmental Sustainability including using its ISO14001-certified Environmental Management System to effectively manage resource consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste, supporting global water initiatives and biodiversity activities.
  • Effective governance & management, including maintaining appropriate governance bodies that are integrated into Company governance in order to oversee adherence with this Policy and monitor performance, and complying with all relevant legislation and regulation
  • Stakeholder Engagement, including consulting with relevant stakeholders on sustainability issues pertinent to Sopra Steria, and engaging employees in sustainability issues