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Digital Revolution

 Whatever industry you are in, digitalisation is revolutionising the rules for success. A potent blend of powerful technologies - cloud, mobile, big data, customer experience, and social business – are dramatically changing how customers, suppliers, partners, and companies transact, interact and communicate. 

These technologies are disruptive. They are spawning new business models, new alliances, new competitors and new services. They are revolutionising how business is conducted. They are fundamentally changing the nature of collaboration. As a result of all of these, they are opening up a world of new possibilities for companies to drive future success. However, turning these possibilities into reality is proving a problem.

Organisations are struggling to decide how, where and when to apply digital technologies to drive their business forward, which is where Sopra Steria can help.


The intelligent application of digital

At Sopra Steria we work closely with organisations to intelligently apply digital technologies that deliver business transformation success. We enable them to navigate through the digital hype, identify transformation opportunities and develop a digital roadmap that opens up new business possibilities.

Ours is not a digital for digital’s sake approach. Instead it is the thoughtful application of traditional and digital technologies to deliver the right, clearly identified, measurable business outcomes. As a result, organisations can drive sustainable, long-term success by increasing operational efficiency; enabling personalised, multichannel customer experiences; and empowering employees to drop routine tasks and focus on higher value-generating activities.

  In many ways this is business as usual for Sopra Steria. We have been at the forefront of delivering business transformation since the company was founded in 1968. Our pioneering approach has delivered a wide range of industry innovations and transformations, from the first full internet bank in 1999 to the UK’s largest digital transaction reporting platform in 2016.

Using our horizon scanning of digital technologies plus our intelligent approach to applying them, Sopra Steria helps organisations succeed fast, with flexibly and at scale.

Intelligent Transformation Framework

Whilst digital technologies are powerful, in our view they are not necessarily the answer to every business transformation initiative. Nor is a big-bang, rip and replace approach always the way forward.

We also know that successful business transformation is not just the result of introducing new solutions. True, long-term, future-proof business transformation also requires incremental change to the existing IT environment, adapting and integrating legacy systems with the new technologies to protect investments and deliver streamlined end-to-end processes.

Whatever the size of your challenge

At Sopra Steria we have the expertise and experience to help you with all types of project, from the rapid experimental activities that are needed to test new business models and services, to the large projects involved with major infrastructure or application changes. In addition, we understand that the pace of development may need to be different for core enterprise management solutions compared to the introduction of new mobile apps or cloud computing, for example.

Our intelligent transformation framework reflects all these factors. Working with you we establish the best strategy for your organisation. The starting point may be advice, in terms of generating ideas that shape the development of new technology initiatives and drive fundamental change. It may be the evaluation of your existing applications and how they can be enhanced to deliver better customer and employee experiences.

Either way, our approach is collaborative, working with you and your team to deliver the best solutions for your business.

Wherever you are on your digital journey

We also recognise that companies will be at different levels of maturity with their digital landscape, which will have an impact on the starting point for transformation initiatives. For example we can help you:

  • Maximise the benefits you achieve from existing investments and use them to drive productivity improvements and greater return on investment
  • Enhance your existing IT infrastructure with digital content, enabling you to take a step-by-step approach to digital transformation
  • Augment existing physical processes with digital enablers to optimise interactions with customers across channels and automate and industrialise core process and operations

Re-design existing business structures to take full advantage of a digital approach to service delivery and re-invent how the business operates. When it comes to development, we have proven processes and tools that help us efficiently and effectively deliver the solutions you need. Sopra Steria is highly experienced in both waterfall and Agile development. As a result, we can apply the most appropriate processes for you, your organisation and the projects we work on with you. 

Digital Framework

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Aurora – making sense of the future

 To help our customers make sense of the future our Aurora, horizon scanning team is constantly researching how disruptive technologies are shaping the world we live in at the human, enterprise and macro planet level.

This year they are focusing on three key areas of technology:

  1. Intelligent insight and automation – how the increase in the application of prescriptive analytics and automation will augment or displace human activity
  2. Ubiquitous interaction – how the growth of sensing and interface technologies will make interactions between humans and computers more fluid, intuitive and pervasive
  3. Distributed disruption – how the growth of decentralised processes will assure and automate security and trust.

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Let’s talk

At Sopra Steria we can help you harness the power of digital technologies to deliver sustainable value and success for your organisation. Based on a deep understanding of your business and the outcomes you want to achieve we collaborate closely with your stakeholders to build solutions that are modular, agile and efficient, as well as adaptable to the future needs of the business. Contact us now for an impartial discussion with one of our industry experts about how we can help you deliver business transformation and drive future success in a digital world.

Alternatively, arrange a meeting with our Aurora horizon scanning team to explore future technology trends or visit our DigiLab to see the latest digital technologies in action.

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Description of Digital Framework

Three actions, left to right, 'Innovate', 'Integrate', 'Evaluate' - with continuous circle around: 'Optimise' and 'Transform'. Whole diagram is encircled with '360o Digital Advisory Capability'