Doing It Justice: Breaking barriers to criminal justice transformation

   Report published 22 February 2017 by:
 - Dr Jon Bashford
- Professor Lord Patel of Bradford OBE
- The Right Hon Hazel Blears
- Hugh Howell
- Sherife Hasan

The Criminal Justice System is a necessary and vital part of a just society, so it is essential that it is not only cost effective but also ensures that the desired impact for public safety and the successful rehabilitation of offenders are achieved. However, despite some significant cost reductions, the Criminal Justice System is still very expensive and is not delivering sufficient results on preventing offending and reducing reoffending.

As a consequence public safety is not secured and the system is failing to change people’s lives to the extent that it needs to. Various factors impact on the success of the system including cultural, organisational and systemic problems that are inhibiting its effectiveness.

This report is the result of a review of the most significant barriers to improving the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales so that it can be cost effective whilst also achieving outcomes that prevent offending, help improve people’s lives and make communities safer.