Day In The Life Of

Opportunities and solutions study

Despite the current economic reality, demand for public services continues to increase. The challenge for public sector organisations is how to transform their operations to deliver more efficient services with fewer resources. This goes hand in hand with effective use of key resources: staff and information. To achieve this, our clients are looking to get the most out of their existing technology investments to help their staff deliver better services to citizens.

To meet this challenge, Sopra Steria has developed our “Day in the Life of” (DILO) opportunities and solutions study, which enables potential solutions to difficult issues or constraints within an organisation to be identified very quickly.

The study focuses on staff, with proposed solutions being information, rather than technology led; helping you to target investments and make the most of what you’ve already got.

Identifying issues

Traditional ways of identifying issues within organisations often involve assumptions being made by all parties around shared knowledge, constraints and technologies. Expensive projects focused on “fixing” the wrong issues are far too common.

How does Sopra Steria ensure that the ‘right’ issues are identified?

  • By listening to, and working in partnership with your frontline staff (such as practitioners, social workers and nurses); their daily experience means they can provide genuine insight into the current issues within your organisation around processes, technology, etc.
  • By bringing these frontliners together with Sopra Steria’s consultants, who have an outsider’s perspective, to ensure that solutions are co-developed and based on ‘actual’ rather than ‘assumed’ problems to identify potential opportunities for change.

How does it work?

A DILO study lasts around 10 to 15 days and identifies key improvement areas within an organisation by looking at the overlap between desirable, feasible and viable opportunities.

Insight days

Sopra Steria begins by organising ‘Insight Days’, which involve following representative frontline staff and/or citizens/clients within the focus area. This allows our consultants to experience first-hand the issues that are faced daily at the coalface; experience that is invaluable when it comes to identifying potential opportunities for improvement.

Customer privacy/security are ensured as strict rules of engagement and a clear statement of intent are defined prior to an ‘Insight Day’ so that everyone understands the process and the objectives.

The outputs

Insight into the organisation is then captured through notes, pictures, mind-maps and interviews in order to give the technical expert a broad view of the problems faced.

Storyboarding then enables the management team to see a staff DILO and ways to improve it.

Information gathering is followed by an assessment of the desirability, feasibility and viability of the opportunities identified. The business can pick the right issues to focus on and make quick decisions to improve staff and business working, leading to a smarter business process.

The outputs are then captured in an Opportunities & Solutions Report, with detailed recommendations.

Why undertake a ‘DILO’ study?

  • You want to re-design your service according to the needs of your citizens/clients/customers.
  • Traditional approaches to identifying key issues haven’t delivered improvements.
  • Your staff continue to struggle with processes/workload regardless of new technologies implemented.
  • Your staff have ‘workshop fatigue’ and need to be genuinely engaged to help identify the ‘right’ issues.