Business process services: driving operational excellence

 How do you stay abreast of new thinking and transform as you run to become lean, focused and efficient across your complex process ecosystems? Many of the world’s largest public and private sector organisations trust Sopra Steria to help them run smarter and deliver superior strategic outcomes.

"Sopra Steria has set out a compelling vision for how they will work with us to help government deliver back office functions more efficiently and, ultimately, more competitively. This is a great partnership which will promote the kind of growth that sees profits delivered back to the taxpayer and will help Britain compete in the global race."

Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office

"Our relationship with Sopra Steria has evolved into a true partnership over the last 20 years, and we are extremely pleased with the quality of the existing finance and accounting BPO we have in place and the cost savings and service improvements delivered, particularly over the last 5 years. We are confident Sopra Steria will continue to actively support us as we continue to drive efficiencies across the business."

Bhavesh Mistry, Finance Director at Whitbread

World-leading organisations run smarter with Sopra Steria

Government and business decision-makers face huge challenges when it comes to achieving and sustaining peak operational excellence. Changes in public sector funding, reduced consumer spending, cash flow pressures, shifting regulations and the sheer pace of IT innovation are chief among these.

So how do you stay abreast of new thinking and transform as you run to become lean, focused and efficient across your complex process eco-systems? Many of the world’s largest public and private sector organisations trust Sopra Steria to help them run smarter and deliver superior strategic outcomes.

Sopra Steria is both a visionary transformation partner and a pragmatic ally. With our feet firmly grounded in your real-world challenges, we can help you radically transform effectiveness, lower costs, reduce risk and improve agility. How? By seamlessly replacing stale, rigid and out-dated working practices with commercially innovative and responsive new ways of organising, automating and sustaining better business outcomes.

Trailblazing thinking powered by a robust, proven approach

 Sopra Steria’s award-winning Business Process Services (BPS) team starts by understanding your unique challenges and working with you to challenge and define what success looks like to your organisation.

That could mean optimising solitary functions and effortlessly scaling into other areas of operation as budgets and organisational confidence grows. Or it could mean fundamentally restructuring and transforming how your organisation works across the white space between functions to create fluid, OPEX-based operating models that save you millions and enhance your value chain. Aligning objectives between the service heads of the retained organisation, the business operations and the supporting IT, is a key way we ensure that the shared service delivers the business benefits, reacts as one to operational crises, and is not siloed when it comes to service. Too often we see the failure to align and then strict imposition of cost only mindset as the key barriers to long-term success.

From Finance and HR to Procurement, Customer Services and the specialist processes at the core of your business, trust Sopra Steria to help you successfully deliver the change you need: in precisely the way you need it.

With you for the journey

There is not a one size fits all when it comes to optimising your business. Every journey is unique and driven not by theory, but by specific internal and external requirements. There are three core principles that we believe underlie every progressive business process initiative:

  • The provision of clear delivery options and guidance. We’ll work with you to assess your starting point and plan suitable roadmaps – balancing risk and control and showcasing the potential for radical outcomes. We’ll also tailor a fresh operating model and plan the pace of change, blending delivery locations and striking the right equilibrium between what to outsource and what to keep in house, highlighting the changes required in the retained organisation for success.
  • The achievement of rapid step-changes in efficiency, agility and profitability. The pace at which tangible benefits are realised is critical to maintaining positive project momentum and securing uptake and buy-in. Too much caution or too much acceptance of variation can kill success.
  • The delivery of lasting impact and long-term excellence. Sopra Steria takes a broad, holistic approach aimed at fundamentally transforming how your processes deliver value – helping you to continuously refine them as your concept of operational excellence evolves.

Collaboration is at the heart of it all

Working closely with your key stakeholders, our experts pride themselves on delivering pragmatic solutions powered by fresh thinking: making realistic promises and over-delivering rather than wooing you with hype.

Our experts are also specialists in their field – and yours. We intimately understand the relentless challenges many support functions face and design solutions fit for the unique structure and culture of your organisation.

  • From volume transactional work to complex, judgment and rules-based back office tasks: we’re here for you
  • Guarantee results through the enforcement of rigorous service level agreements
  • Constantly challenge the operating model and ourselves to deliver better business outcomes for you
  • Deliver cost reduction through Shared Service economies of scale and talent

A comprehensive, flexible service – offering everything you need from one expert source

You can start by using a single service or a bundled range and add in services as your confidence, experience and appetite for change grows. The route you take and balance you strike is up to you.

Consultants with a difference

Sopra Steria’s consultancy services stand apart in the industry. Where most focus on planning, we roll up our sleeves and deliver, giving you a dynamic mix of know-how and can-do unrivalled in the industry.

Using our Process Intelligence Methodology, our experts will collaborate with your key stakeholders to assess your current operating model and establish your objectives and aspirations, cross-pollinating valuable vertical expertise. We’ll benchmark your current performance and conduct a gap analysis to help define a clear, goal-orientated roadmap – helping you rapidly reach your improved Target Operating Model.

We’ll then smoothly transition people and services using our proven methodologies to deliver continuous innovation and improvement for you.

Proven Shared Services

As one of the pioneers of Shared Services, Sopra Steria can help you appraise the landscape, understand your options and leverage proven best practice. We run two of the world’s largest Shared Services for the UK National Health Service (NHS) and for over 20 UK Government Departments as part of Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL), which provides a new single platform to improve service, data insight and outcomes across Government.

The NHS Shared Business Services delivered one of the world’s first true examples of a multi-client F&A Platform as a Service (BPaaS). The remit of the project has since expanded from Finance and Accounting to HR and Payroll, Sourcing and Procurement and Primary Healthcare Services. Sopra Steria hit the target of delivering £224m in savings back to the NHS 18 months early.

As seen with NHS SBS, the value of Shared Services accelerates as the scale increases, enabling:

  • Standardisation, improved data accuracy and greater productivity.
  • Lower cost of operations, regulation and change
  • Shared cost of continuous improvement and hybrid improvements
  • Consistent performance measurement and comparison
  • Cost roll-up through a common chart of accounts (for multi-client SSCs)
  • Greater staff motivation and redeployment to the frontline

Finance and Accounting

Your finance department needs to go beyond performing tactical transactional work and take it’s place at the heart of your organisation: underpinning strategic decision-making and identifying emerging opportunities. That means your CFO needs to be able to leverage timely business insight to keep pace with change and drive your organisation forward.

Sopra Steria can help you open up critical, two-way lines of communication between Finance and key departments – turning it from a subsidiary, reactive, backward-looking function into a central, proactive, forward-looking one.

From handling day-to-day transactions to delivering smarter analytics, our visionary Finance and Accounting (F&A) experience is supported by a range of world-class outsourced services. These include general accounting, accounts payable, order to cash, purchasing, cash management and employee expenses.

For more thoughts on this read our opinion piece Empowering the contemporary CFO.

Human Resources

HR departments have a vital strategic role to play – but only if they make the leap from being heavily transaction-based to aligning and managing talent strategically to create a responsive and customer-focused culture.

Our flexible, outsourced HR services cover all aspects of the employment lifecycle from recruitment to exit administration, payroll and business partnering. Our specialist recruitment business has over 34 years experience in handling managed recruitment services for temporary, contract and permanent staff and therefore a vast range of terms and conditions.

At the heart of our HR offer is Sopra Steria’s HR Analytics and Business Intelligence service. This supports the interpretation of organisational Business Intelligence to enhance ongoing HR strategy and Continuous Service Improvements.

With access to best practice, innovation, analysis and specialist skills on tap, you’ll benefit from extreme savings and productivity improvements. Meanwhile your HR team will be freed from back-office administration to focus on delivering strategic value.

When the UK Government set out to reorganise how healthcare in England was funded Sopra Steria worked with NHS England to design a new delivery model – defining new processes, creating a new chart of accounts and a training programme covering all aspects of the new financial model.

"Management control through operations and from the finance teams reviewing the data on a regular basis and correcting it in-year has been tremendous, and to land the numbers within this degree of accuracy, given the scale, in our first year is a tremendous achievement."

Ed Smith CBE, Deputy Chairman, NHS England


 Procurement functions are often riddled with hidden inefficiencies. This creates a significant opportunity to deliver major savings and a big bottom-line boost.

Improving procurement typically means addressing a number of issues that lie in the white space spanning the Procurement, Requisitioning and Receipting and Payment processes. Sprawling supplier portfolios, limited procurement transparency, silo-based IT, slow data, and inconsistent spend classification all present serious challenges.

Sopra Steria’s extensive outsourced Procurement Services range from sourcing to payment, encompassing quote to contract, category management, procurement and payment cycles, and procurement technology. As well as delivering significant savings through smarter spend management, Sopra Steria can also help you speed time to value and improve service to support your business.

Customer Services

Great customer service is at the heart of any successful organisation. Achieving it requires all your support processes to work effectively.

By automating key tasks we can help you reduce human error and dramatically speed response times. From counter services to correspondence, query handling, billing, sales maximisation and debt management, Sopra Steria can help you put your customers first: targeting pain points in specific areas of your organisation, increasing efficiency and minimising risk.

Our approach is built on robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and techniques derived from the National CRM project and Contact Centre Association. These give us deep insights into your customer data, which then become a springboard for building a complete picture of what your customers want: a vision which we then help you realise.

Complex, vertical-specific processes

Sopra Steria has an unsurpassed reputation for re-engineering and managing complex vertical-specific processes.

By building a deep understanding of the markets our clients operate in and changing regulatory demands, we’re able to provide solutions for a diverse range of industries. These span everything from specialist customer service and banking functions to global fraud recovery.

We’re expert at overcoming organisational complexity to ensure that processes join seamlessly and that valuable resources and specialist skills are available where you really need them: on the frontline. Our services are designed to support you across even the most complex tasks – delivering increased responsiveness and high service levels even during peak demand. It’s all driven by our Process Intelligence Methodology: sector-agnostic and designed to capture and codify deep levels of Sopra Steria experience and judgement which has been refined over time.

Our bank and retail clients benefit from tailored services such as the application of global regulatory controls and dispute resolution and reconciliations, while our media clients outsource their contractor payments and rights and royalties management to our media specialists. Sopra Steria also supports Cleveland Police to deliver Police Operational Services including control room (call taking and dispatch), criminal justice and crime recording.

Trusted by the best to deliver the best

Every year, Sopra Steria’s Business Process Service teams:

  • Manage over €100 billion of payments
  • Pay 5 million invoices to over half a million businesses
  • Respond to 1.75 million customer letters and emails
  • Handle 1.3 million helpdesk calls

Sopra Steria’s Process Intelligence Methodology

The steps to business process excellence

Running smarter business process services is achieved using Sopra Steria’s tried and trusted Process Intelligence Methodology. PIM is built upon Sopra Steria’s practical experience in design, transformation and operation of new Business Operating Models for some of the world’s largest organisations, and not forgetting that it can scale to some of the smallest.

Figure 1: BPS Process Intelligence Methodology

(See a text version of this non text image)

Our Process Intelligence Methodology is a suite of frameworks, tools, maturity assessments, re-engineering and performance improvement approaches that are embedded into our delivery culture, where we continually challenge ‘good’ and strive for ‘better’. PIM is updated as we innovate, codify and embed service improvement approaches, test and learn from organisation redesign, create and achieve new ideal states for end to end processes and future scan for technology shifts.

PIM is founded on core principles that centre around our mission for clients. It provides a guide, not a rule, for use by experienced practitioners to apply into real-world situations that are never as simple as black and white. We have a depth and breadth of capability across a wide range of sectors, services, scope and scale, and commercial models and have experienced the demands of many years of prosperity and austerity. Most importantly, our methodology is not static, but is continuously refreshed by business consultants, solution architects and delivery experts to create a dynamic approach that is relied on to spread and share innovation.

Whether you are at the start of the journey or about to embark on a highly defined outsourcing programme, Sopra Steria’s Process Intelligence Methodology will underpin, de-risk and give assurance of improved business outcomes.

Operating at the edge of innovation

 You know better than anyone that change is a constant. New strategic directions, new competitors and new regulations are always just around the corner.

That’s why we’re always looking to develop innovative BPS approaches for our clients, finding new ways to refine efficiency, deliver against targets and steal a lead in your markets.

Our teams are always scanning the horizon for innovations. From Cloud and IT self-service to robotics and lean practices, we can help you exploit what’s new today and build your optimisation approach with a view to embracing whatever comes down the line.

  • A full portfolio of integrated on, off and near-shore solutions to help you create innovative ways of working, right for your organisation
  • Our all-encompassing solutions can be measured, evaluated and offer you real choice
  • We continuously look for new ways to improve, standardise, automate and innovate the services we run

Vision meets pragmatism

Not only have we successfully simplified and transformed operations for over 300 clients. We were also voted Shared Services Excellence Company of the Year 2013 at the Asia BPO Summit and ranked first for F&A Business Process Services by Nelson Hall in their 2014 global BPO report.

Work with us and you’ll enjoy a partnership grounded in real-world delivery. Our experts have proven experience and cross-industry insight to help map smarter solutions – transforming your organisation to meet the challenges of today and get fit for tomorrow.

We’ll go beyond giving you ‘cheaper fingers’ for core back office functions to delivering exceptional business impact across processes – improving performance by up to 30% and reducing costs by up to 40%.

Run smarter, with Sopra Steria.

"Sopra Steria has an outstanding track record in outsourcing as demonstrated by their repeated successes at the NOA’s Awards for Best Practice in Outsourcing. This is a clear sign of a company that, time and time again, endeavours to deliver the highest level of benefits to its clients."

Martyn Hart, Chairman, National Outsourcing Association


Description of Figure 1: BPS Process Intelligence Methodology

Change methodologies:

  • Business visioning
  • TOM design
  • Transition design
  • Transition

Run methodologies

  • Service delivery
  • Continuous improvement
  • Service management
  • Governance

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