Sopra Steria’s Digital Practice & Procurement teams jointly host the “Digital Networking & Collaboration Event”

IET London, Savoy Place, 11th September 2018

Sopra Steria hosted a Digital Networking & Collaboration Event for SME’s and Start-Ups, aimed at providing a platform upon which to build new innovative and collaborative relationships.

 To deliver transformation that makes a difference, in a constantly changing and challenging marketplace, our vision is one that improves lives, improves experiences and improves our society.  We recognise that we cannot do this without collaborative, disruptive and innovative partners by our side.

With presentations by Andy Hepworth (Operations Director), Myron Hrycyk (UK Partnerships & Alliances Director), Dan Broomham (Digital Transformation Director) and Steve Andrews (CTO of Digital Management Services), the aim of the event was to provide an insight into our digital strategy and vision to a select number of existing partners and potential new/emerging companies. The event also provided opportunities for 1:1’s with our Digital Practice leaders, and a forum for networking with the Sopra Steria business contacts responsible for driving our digital solutions and transformation.

 We have had excellent feedback provided from over 35 partners who attended. We are now tracking the results in order to monitor opportunities to:

  • explore new and innovative collaborative relationships,
  • harness emerging ideas and technologies in order to jointly develop new propositions for the
  • market, and deliver benefits to clients and generate new joint business.

Sopra Steria provided our new partners with an honest appraisal of where we are today and demonstrated our ambition to provide new services to the market.  We also highlighted our credentials as a company that supports our partners’ long term growth, with UKCloud presenting to the audience their perspective as a partner of Sopra Steria’s from their early days as an SME.

The feedback from our partners has been very positive to our digital strategy, and follow up actions are underway. Using the feedback, we plan to host another event soon, and we will continue to share further updates from this event and future ones in due course.