Sopra Steria User Experience (UX) designer mentors at London’s first UX Hackathon

One of Sopra Steria’s UX designers, Jay Tulloch, was a mentor and judge at last night’s UX Hackathon in London. This is the first event of its kind to be held in London and follows on from similar Hackathons held recently in Amsterdam and Berlin. A mix of around 100 UX designers, UI designers, marketers, business and product people of all levels of experience came together on the night to complete the challenge.

Participants were put into teams and given a product concept with specific business goals; the teams were then briefed on the UX process in five different stages, with a fixed period of time to complete each stage. For beginners, the event provided an intensive crash course, giving them an overview of UX process and validation, while for experienced designers it was like a fast-paced practice session.The judging panel will announce the winners later today (26 February) via the Career Foundry Facebook page. 

The event was held in the Innovation Warehouse in London, and organised by Career Foundry, an organisation providing on-line training and mentoring in web development and UX.

Mentors included:

  • Jay Tulloch - UX Designer at Sopra Steria
  • Yael Levey - Senior UX Designer, BBC
  • Sandra Sears - UX Designer for TalkTalk
  • Andy Iosifescu - Freelance Interaction Designer
  • Neil Sampson - Professional UX Designer
  • Paola Miani - Senior User Experience Consultant at IG
  • James Walters - UX Lead at Open Inclusion