Sopra Steria joins Chief Officers in Cleveland Police by becoming ‘Dementia Friends'

   22 September, 2016: Chief officers and other senior staff from Cleveland Police and Sopra Steria have shown their commitment to better understand the needs of people living with dementia by becoming ‘Dementia Friends’.

Chief Constable Iain Spittal, Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Simon Nickless and Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Ciaron Irvine have become ‘Dementia Friends’ after undertaking training to help improve the level of engagement between Cleveland Police and those with dementia and the people around them.

In the release dated 22 September, The Chief Constable says, “In policing we come into contact with people from all backgrounds and some with varying vulnerabilities. As an emergency service we need to do our best to understand those vulnerabilities so that we can protect those people as best as we can.

“In improving our level of engagement with people living with dementia, we are showing our commitment to understanding our local communities and ensuring that we do our job to the best of our ability.”

Denise Mason, Partnership Director for Cleveland Police at Sopra Steria adds: “Working in partnership with Cleveland Police, a large proportion of our employees work within the police control room and enquiry desks who are often the first point of contact to the public. I will be looking for the ‘Dementia Friends’ training to be delivered to as many of our staff as possible, so they feel better equipped when dealing with people affected by Dementia both in their working and personal lives.”

See the press release on the Cleveland Police website.

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Photograph courtesy of Cleveland Police website