Disrupting terror and criminal networks with open source intelligence.

Sopra Steria’s SMART i3 is a powerful and disruptive solution for preventing increasingly sophisticated terrorist and criminal activity. Using an enhanced search engine via a secure cloud deployment, the intelligence platform’s advanced algorithms sift through vast amounts of open source data in minutes, slashing the time-to-intelligence. Offered ‘as a service’ and securely hosted in the UK, with no requirement for investment in new infrastructure; this open source tool removes time-consuming manual search activity and speeds up evidence-case creation.

The result? The time and cost of running complex security and police investigations is significantly reduced by accelerating access to over 27,000 sources.

SMART i3 is ahead of the game.

It supports intelligence-led searches across all five authorised investigation levels, from research into publicly available information, through more intrusive investigations proportionate to the crime, advanced open source data searches and covert searches of obfuscated data.

The outcomes align with current speed and efficiency targets and include the potential to:

  • Slash the time-to-intelligence from days, weeks, or even months, to just minutes
  • Make links across multiple data points to identify previously hidden connections
  • Dig deep into hard-to-search Dark Web activity
  • Rapidly set up Person of Interest searches and adapt the parameters as the investigation evolves with automated mass surveillance capabilities
  • Protect police users’ identities with unattributable internet access, which is especially important during covert investigations and for officers working on home computers
  • Easily create and manage convincing avatars that behave in a consistent way through automated activity
  • Record all activity for a robust audit trail

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