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  The JBoss User Group (JBUG) Scotland is an open community with a common interest in enterprise middleware and JBoss software. The community was launched in March 2013, and we host events with support from Red Hat.

Upcoming events

TITLE - Integrating the World - Modern Process Integration Tooling Workshop

DATE AND TIME - Thursday 7th March, 17:15-19:30

SUMMARY - Join us at our next JBUG Scotland event on Thursday, 7th March where Eric Schabell, Global Technology Evangelist and Portfolio Architect Director at Red Hat, will be hosting a Modern Process Integration Tooling Workshop:

With this workshop you get a chance to unlock the power of process integration in your development projects. We'll take you through it all step-by-step - building a domain model, creating a process, integrating human tasks and more using the Red Hat Process Automation Manager. This all-new workshop guides you through the entire creation and execution of a human resources employee rewards process project.

Bring your laptop as this is a hands on experience that takes you from nothing to a fully working process integration project with Red Hat open source software. No experience in process integration is required, you will be guided by the experienced speaker and go home ready to apply what you have learned in your own projects.

REGISTER - If you would like to attend please email JBUG.Scotland@soprasteria.com. The event is free to attend.

AGENDA - The event will begin at 17:15 with refreshment and networking time before commencing the evening’s event which will run until around 19:30. Complimentary buffet and drinks are included, but please ensure that you book your place.

VENUE - Sopra Steria Office, Orchard Brae House, 30 Queensferry Road, Edinburgh, EH4 2HS

TEL - 0131 332 3311

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Topics presented at previous events

Beauty of the Container Revolution

Ian Lawson, Principal Specialist Solution Architect at Red Hat, presented the Beauty of the Container Revolution:

"With the advent of OCP4 and the push within Red Hat to encourage developers through opinionated tooling to develop 'Cloud Natively', it is time to look in depth at the advantages and efficiencies provided by embracing the Container Revolution!”

This session included a discussion and sneak peak at the forthcoming major release of OpenShift Container Platform v4.0 and the future direction of the product.

AppDev in the Cloud Workshop

Eric Schabell, Global Technology Evangelist Director at Red Hat, will be hosting an AppDev in the Cloud workshop:

"Ready to get hands-on with AppDev in the Cloud with container based services? This workshop will let you experience the wonders of Red Hat's open technologies for cloud-based container application development, letting you integrate multiple services into a polyglot cloud solution.

In this workshop you're a developer working for Destinaisa, a travel agency that needs to set up its online bookings application backend services. You'll be given the OpenShift Container Platform, then you’ll install JBoss BRMS to work in the Destinasia discount rules. Once they are completed, you leverage Ansible playbooks to see infrastructure automation in action.

Each playbook will deploy a new container-based service to support flight, hotel, car and discount rule queries from your application. In total you will be running 6 container based applications or services in a private PaaS before testing this solution with a REST client, sending a booking and verifying the discounts provided by the rules you implemented. Become the cloud hero you always dreamed of as you learn with this workshop!"

Always on, mostly connected, always integrated in the API economy

Phil Prosser – Senior Solutions Architect at Red Hat – will be running a session on Red Hat’s Agile Integration architecture and its 3 key tenets;

• Distributed Integration
• Containers
• API Management

The role of JBoss in IoT - Martin Percival and Ian Lawson

Martin and Ian, Solutions Architects at Red Hat, ran a session on the role of JBoss in IoT and presented us with an update on the application runtimes (Vertx, Wildfly, Swarm and Spring Boot) running on OpenShift.

"The State of the Nation" - Mark Little

Mark Little, VP of Engineering at Red Hat, ran "The State of the Nation" which brought us the latest Red Hat/JBoss news fresh from May’s Red Hat Summit in Boston.


Introducing Red Hat OpenShift - Ed Seymour

Ed Seymour, OpenShift Specialist Solution Architect at Red Hat, gave us a hands-on chance to experience the development and runtime aspects of OpenShift and how Docker containers can be deployed at-scale for the enterprise.


Effective Business Process Management with JBoss BPM

This session highlighted a collaboration between Eric D. Schabell and Manning publishing to get started with JBoss BPM Suite.


A local private PaaS in minutes with the Red Hat CDK 

The ultimate tool for running local Cloud-based example projects in a fully automated, low touch, easy to install OpenShift Container Platform. 


Rule the World, Practical Rules & BPM Development- Eric Schabell

In this workshop participants had a chance to do unlock the power of business rules engines and business processing for their development projects. 


Microservices - James Rawlings

With the hype and focus on Microservices, James discussed some of the technical and social challenges we face in adopting them and the effects on the way we work.


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