Breathe Easy Boarders

Breathe Easy Borders

Providing vulnerable people with safe, secure and easy access to bespoke support, when they need it most

We’re working with our clients to tackle some of their most complex challenges and helping them make the most of new innovations.

We’ve re-imagined how victims of crime can securely access bespoke support and interact with the services they need, to help them work towards a better life.

By collaborating with our clients and partners, we’ve designed and delivered world-class solutions that meet their current and future ambitions.

Our strategic consulting, digital and technology capabilities mean that we’re uniquely placed to support our clients.

Together, we strive to enhance and tailor access to vital support services for those who need them most, delivering excellence and value for the public.


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The future of victim support

Sopra Steria’s prototype demonstrates how vulnerable people can prove and store their identity using a digital wallet,

upon entering a country. The prototype provides a solution for those people to control their identity data and share it with approved organisations, on a need-to-know basis, to be able to access services.

The Digital Wallet also contains the ‘Breathe Easy’ action and support plan which is tailored to a person’s specific vulnerabilities. It provides links to information, online tools and contact details for support services that can address their unique needs.

Identifying these requirements early, and providing a platform for both victims and organisations, allows for greater visibility of that person’s specific support needs, prior to them walking through the door. Further, it allows victims to inform of changing circumstances, and therefore changes to the recommended support offered, all centralised and updated in one easily accessible place.

This prototype offers a seamless journey from needs assessment through to receiving the right support from the right providers. Also, the anonymised data output helps form a picture of where efforts can be focussed for efficient improvements to be made, ensuring those who require support get the help they need, when they need it most.


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